Center for pregnant women offers alternative to abortion

Center for pregnant women offers alternative to abortion

A day after its 40 year anniversary, 1st Way Pregnancy Support Center announced it would be moving its operations from the pink house on McDowell Road to a more strategic location.

1st Way will be moving into a new building, doubling the space it can use to serve women and men facing difficult pregnancy situations.
Christine Accurso, executive director of 1st Way, made the announcement Oct. 27 during the pregnancy support center’s annual fundraising gala. The new building is two miles away, right next to a bus stop and two blocks away from an abortion clinic that performs more than 30 abortions a day.

“We actually plan on putting them out of business, but it’ll be a good location after that, too,” Accurso said, to applause. 1st Way was able to acquire the property thanks to the generosity of an anonymous supporter who offered them a no interest loan.

Thanks be to God for these apostolates. They are truly saving lives in a real and tangible way, not to mention changing hearts and minds in the alleged “War for women”.

Crisis pregnancy centres are amazing. They have helped to save many babies from abortion through the support they provide for mother and baby


While I’m delighted and prayerful that this endeavor has saved many lives and will save many more, as well as restore men and women to spiritual health, I’m also saddened that the media has not given such coverage to our own Catholic owned and operated centers.

For 30+ years, the Archdiocese of Miami has operated from 5 to 9 such centers at one time. These centers provide education, counseling, material assistance, medical referrals, pregnancy tests, free sonograms and the only Catholic comprehensive program to fathers in the country, run by men for men. Together with the Franciscans of Life and the parishes of the Archdiocese, these centers are kept running all year. Parishioners divide themselves into districts to “adopt” one center. They subsidize what the Archdiocese cannot cover.

I think that the Catholic media should be making all of these efforts public to the general population, not just to those local communities. People often feel sadness, lack confidence in their Church, or wonder what happens to their hard earned money when they give it to charity. This is where much of it goes.

The Archdiocese of NY in coordination with the Sisters of LIfe also has remarkable facilities and programs that serve the parent in crisis pregnancies. There is not too much mention of them either. These two are owned and operated by Catholics.

We should be spreading the good news about what our people are doing, not just in one center, but in many places.


Br. JR, FFV :slight_smile:

When you see a news story where such-and-such organization announces this-and-that, it is because that organization wrote a press release making the announcement and sent it to various news outlets. Often, organizations have someone who is employed for media relations who specializes in just this kind of activity. Perhaps your centers are not getting similar coverage becasue you are not doing this?

Here’s a dilemma about this issue.
If a media outlet reports on a crisis pregnancy center, the crisis pregnancy center would be accused of being attention seekers. If a media outlet didn’t even talk about it, then the public would be left in the dark about the existence of these centers.

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