Centrist Democrats: We can work with President Trump


As Democrats portray Donald Trump as a dangerous leader for his party, most of them barely acknowledge he could be president. But some centrist Democrats say they’re ready and willing to work with the business mogul should he defeat their party’s nominee.
“The people will have a chance to vote. If Donald Trump is elected president there will be a great opportunity to sit down and have a conversation about what that agenda looks like,” explained Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D.), who has long backed Hillary Clinton. “If he’s president, we’re going to have disagreement. But we’d better all figure out how to come up with an agenda for the American people.”

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I parted company with the party a long time ago because of its support of abortion on demand.

Still, there are bound to be at least some Democrats who are tired of having to follow the “party line” in lockstep with the party leaders on everything.


Our story is similar. I left the Party in 1980 when i couldno longer rationalize voting Democrat in light of their embrace of abortion on demand. Its sad because on many issues(capital punishment, gun control, immigration for example) I am closer to Democrat positions than Republicvans


This could be the best part of a Trump presidency - the breaking up the Democrat/GOP polarization along party lines. I read somewhere that we are so divided, many people would be deeply offended if a family member married someone from the other side. It’s personal; a complete refusal to recognize the humanity of the other side. We can’t relate to or respect (or leave alone) anyone who disagrees with us.

Trump can reach across the aisle. But I think he will also work with the far right. The Cruz leaning conservatives cannot seem to grasp this, at least some of the holdouts (or they don’t want to admit it). There are hard ideologues on both sides.


This could be good news. :slight_smile:


You beat me to it, great post!:thumbsup:

The strict ideologists were defeated in the primaries. The people, the great middle, the moderates, want somebody that can cut a deal with the all sides, liberals, conservatives and those in between. Obama has been dismal in that respect, so we are ready to get Washington moving and get some deals done!


This is what’s so weird to me about Trump. Early on, everyone I heard supporting him said it was because he was anti-establishment and because everyone else caved on principles. He wasn’t afraid to be politically incorrect.

Now, people are supporting him because they think he’ll be able to cut deals and compromise. It all seems very wishy-washy to me.

I’m voting for him, but I just think the appeal is strange.


Well, the appeal certainly is strange, I agree!:o

We complain that Washington is a logjam and nothing gets done. Well, it will take a sharp, no-nonsense, politically incorrect person to get it moving. His unpredictability will be a help in this also. I believe he will have everyone in Washington ready, willing and able to get things moving…


That would be great. I will hope for it, but not put my hope in it, so to speak.


I see no evidence that the polarization between the Democrats and GOP has eased in the slightest, and also no evidence that Trump will overcome that polarization. This is evidence that some of the Democrats in congress are adults and believe in democracy: if the President is not someone they like, they can still do the business they were sent to Washington to do. Note that this is not the approach taken by GOP House and Senate leaders over the past 8 years of the Obama presidency, with the refusal to hold hearings on the most recent Supreme Court pick just one more example of extreme gridlock for which the GOP is almost solely responsible.


That’s an interesting thought. I could see it going either way, though. If Trump is elected, I pray that such a silver lining of good would come from it.


I think he started out against illegal immigration / political correctness (NBC and Macy’s dumped him over the Mexican rapist comment) and that set off a grassroots firestorm in the form of the Trumpkins. Trump doesn’t think all Mexicans are rapists; he thinks illegal immigration is out of control (he clarified this time and again); he speaks carelessly and offensively, but this is not necessarily the same thing as being racist. The left freaks out about the admittedly offensive comments - could not care less about the larger underlying issue. And as far as the underlying issue goes, open borders is the left response to Trump, sanctuary cities.

The Trumpkins get Trump (though there is a minority of nationalists in the Trump campaign that Trump dealt with ambiguously, stupidly); they resent what he resents; they see and feel the damage of the Obama administration’s policies here: immigration; trade; political correctness.

It is amazing to watch the Obama left mainstream press continue to fight the good fight against Trump (CNN is now totally on board - total war, destroy him). I suspect he has always been in the center; Christie came on board right away, Giuliani. It’s the media that imposed the hysterical caricature for political reasons. Black Lives Matter. (and Mitt Romney) I bought right into it and did it for awhile.

There is an old Avengers where the enemy use headphones and hypnotism to coerce people to break into and destroy British military sites; the victims (including Mrs. Peel) wear their headphones in a state of hypnosis and follow the given commands - they get out of bed, go to military sites and vandalize them - using trampolines to jump over the military fences.

If people wear their headphones, Hillary wins. That’s the plan.


I’ll take your word for it, since I haven’t actively watched TV in a few years. (:eek:) I’ll freely admit that my first hesitations with Trump were because he was a reality TV guy, and it seemed like he was kind of a playboy. I’m naturally suspicious of TV celebs. I don’t know the man though.


Yes, also we can’t deny Trump has said a lot of incredibly stupid, outrageous things and will continue to. I hate explaining that away. Sometimes you just have to get used to a style, in this case a pretty unpleasant one - but at least it is for real. This could ironically be the good from it in the end. People are comprised of more than saying the right thing. So are issues. Going off script is not the end of the world; it is the end of group-think.


Geez, I heard the same thing on a liberal radio show and thought it was all spin. Basically, the idea is that Trump will govern like a centrist Democrat because he doesn’t really care about social issues and is actually someone progressive on trade. So, I guess two Democrats will be running for President.


I call that leaving out honey for the bears, and about half true.


The man is an oaf, with a sense of entitlement the size of ha trust fund. He strikes me as a bigot, whose jingoistic opinions appeal to the lowest common denominator


I prefer to think that he will govern like a centrist Republican, in the mold of Rudolph Giuliani, Chris Christie, Mike Bloomberg or even a George Pataki.

All 4 were very effective governing in a hostile environment.


To date, I am convinced that Trump is running as a Republican with Democrat ideology.

I am also convinced that there is no longer such a thing as a ‘centrist Democrat’ within the Democratic Party establishment.

Therefore, I am convinced that we have two left-wing candidates running for office for the Presidency three if you include Sanders as still having a chance). No centrists this go round, and certainly no right wing candidates being put forth on the major party tickets.


Wow, since when have these been core to the Democrat ideology?

  • strong borders
  • strong defense
  • balanced budget
  • Pro 2nd Amendment
  • tax reform

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