Certain attitudes in traddom

Is it just me or is it true that there seems to be a group among the SSPX that hold that women should only wear skirts, that little boys should not play with girls, a general trend towards Amishness in behavior such as desiring to go back to the land etc, an insistence on large families etc, shunning the world inordinately ?

you mean groups who look like Catholics ?

What is wrong with these things ?

  • The lack of large Catholic/Christian families is precisely why Europe will be Muslim in a few years.
  • Preventing near occasions of sin in children is a good thing, a Catholic thing really
  • These women wearing skirts do so of their own will. They aren’t transported to Mass in ball and chain
  • farming and homesteading isn’t condemned nor frowned upon by the Church
  • humility and the rejection of things of this world are traits many Saints displayed

Unless someone is banging on your door at home demanding you embrace these things, what issue do you have with them ? Just as you want to be Catholic in your way, so do others.

SSPX is not in union with Rome.

I have not heard of this, but it would not surprise me. History is full of groups, Catholic and Protestant alike, who have taken steps to live a more separated existence.

As stated above, none of the things mentioned are wrong, so if there is a group coming together and choosing to live in this manner, I say - Go for it… :thumbsup:


It’s not only the SSPX. A lot of trads follow those ways of their own volition. What’s wrong with that?

Also, I don’t know what you mean by girls playing with boys, but I have always been careful about that. Its one thing if you’re playing soccer while I’m supervising. It’s another thing to be playing tag in the woods alone.


Who can blame them for choosing to live this way? Fifty years ago, it wasn’t even an issue.

Gotta love an opportunity, huh ?

Anyhow, would you be so kind as to explain to me how and why the Bishop of Rome would lift excommunications on four Bishops who are not in union with the Church ?

I’d really love to hear your take on it

yea, the average Catholic family of today certainly doesn’t look like one we’d have seen back in the day.

I’m reminded of the words of Bishop Williamson
"“The media have no idea what a true Catholic is. If they did, they would scream for his martyrdom, they would scream for his skin”


Not only just Traditional Catholics live like this, there are Charismatic Catholic groups as well who live like that.

True because Charismatics are like Pentecostals and some Pentecostal groups live the same way.


Please be very careful. Remember that we not only prohibit bashing that which is part of the Church, but we also prohibit bashing anything or anyone else, even those who are in an irregular situation. I am specifically referring to the SSPX clergy and their adherents and friends.

Make your analogies with great care, diplomatic language and charity. No group should ever be a target on our forums.

If you have a question, please PM me or any other moderator and if this rule is a problem, then move on to another thread or forum that is not a problem for you.

Thank you for understanding.

Thomas Casey

B A I T!!!

Don’t fall for it’

I apologize. I’m new here. I did not mean to offend anyone.

No big deal. I’m not a member of a SSPX parish, but I do get ansy when people claim they are not Roman Catholics.

All SSPX clergy are currently suspended and have no ministry in the Church at this time. But again, they are still in the Church. If they were separated or in schism, there would be no point in suspending them.

Here is what the pope thinks (written after some screamed bloody murder after he lifted the excommunications)


Certain segments of the SSPX (not all) are getting cultist. Women are being told it is a mortal sin to wear pants. So they are not wearing skirts out of their own free will.

I’d say more like a hundred years. Fifty years ago Catholics did not live or dress like the OP stated. That was only 1961. Girls wore pants and shorts, I played games with the neighborhood boys, most of us lived in cities, drove cars, had TV’s, and wore hats, (even kleenexes), not veils to church. To the contrary, we were often quite worldly compared to many of our Protestant brethern who did not smoke or drink, dance, play cards, go to movies or watch TV, and they attended church on Sunday just as much as the Catholics–and on Wednesday nights, too.:slight_smile:

They can live as they choose and as their conscience dictates, they are not hurting anyone, except perhaps if they try to impose it on others.

Thank you, and thank you for the link.

I find this very interesting since there is an SSPX chapel very near where I live.

I would like to learn more about these distinctions (separated, schism, suspension) but how do I do that without causing a fight? I’m afraid to start a new thread.

SSPX is not in union with Rome.

Not according to Rome. Our holy Pope says that all issues with the SSPX are IN CHURCH issues, between Catholics.

As far as having large families, working hard (including the possiblity of farming), modest dress for men and women- all of those things are CATHOLIC. I am not in SSPX but I fully support all of those things, because they are all in accordance with Church teaching.

“Traddom” has an off ring to it. I think the proper (and underused) term would be CHRISTENDOM! :slight_smile:

Pax and God Bless.

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