Certain video too uncharitable toward Martin Luther?

Is this episode of The Vortex too uncharitable toward the late Martin Luther?

Why would you think we want to review anything by Michael Voris in order to help you decide whether or not he’s charitable? :confused:

Sorry. How about telling us your opinion BEFORE we spend time watching it … and BEFORE you offend nonCatholics by postiing it here?

It’s hard for me to judge whether or not Mr. Voris is too uncharitable in the video.

I think his videos are too uncharitable and never subscribed because I feel his videos are meant to produce uncharitable feelings towards protestantism and protestants, which doesn’t really accomplish anything. :frowning:

:ehh: Hard to judge? If we say yes, then what? You will agree? If we say no, will you continue to post his videos all over the forum? What purpose does this serve for any of us to say yay or nay?

Personally, I suspect it will cause an uproar with nonCatholics here, not because I’ve seen it, but because I know his tactics.

Check this out, people.

I’m a fan of Michael Voris but…

Asking a question using the word “uncharitable” and Michael Voris in the same sentence is hilarious. :D:p

:sleep: So? Do you think we will all fly to London to see him?

Maxirad, why do you promote him so much? I would guess you are much in favor of the video you posted. I hope the Protestants here take heed and refuse to watch it, as I have done.

Well, Sirach2, I would like to see Mr. Voris on the EWTN program The World Over. As far as I know, however, that has yet to happen. I can’t even say that he’s ever been on The Laura Ingraham Show. I do seriously wonder if Mr. Voris is saying the right things in general.


I think that Voris should be blaming satan, not Luther. Poor Luther just fell for satan’s tricks.

What I have seen of Voris in general lacks charity. Which is sad, because he’s trying to defend and spread Catholicism.

I have found that you could tell a person that the earth is round, but if you make them feel insulted, they won’t believe you.

Mr. Voris is an unpredictable kook. That is likely why you do not see him appearing on EWTN.

Ouch! harsh dude. :stuck_out_tongue:

No, it was very charitable! Blunt but charitable. Michael Voris presented facts in the video. Martin Luther is one of the greatest heretics in the history of Christianity. One of the great and most harmful divisions within Christianity, Protestantism, rest squarely upon Luther’s shoulders. The doctrines of “Faith Alone” and “Scripture Alone” must be considered the two of the greatest heresies ever since both are still actively believed my millions of people.

Heresies are obstacles on the road to salvation. It is extemely uncharitable of any Catholic to not point out that Protestantism is a heresy. As Michael Voris might say, It is not “nice” of you to not point out that Protestant doctrines are heresy. So be nice and charitable and spread the true teachings of Jesus Christ that comes only from the Holy Catholic Church.

Ran Pleasant

And why do you hate him so much? It works both ways you know. The intensity of your dislike is really unhealthy.

…refuse to watch it, as I have done.

How can you possibly have an opinion about something you haven’t even looked at? That is disingenuous at best.

But I’m not the least bit surprised to see you as the very first post here ----- right on time. Do you have a “police scanner” that goes off when there is a Voris discussion? :rolleyes:


It’s comforting to know the Catholics have these outliers too. I do think blaming the demise of America society on Martin Luther is attributing an extreme amount of power and influence to a mere man.

I always wonder who the intended audience is for videos like this - and this goes for the evangelical equivalent. Seems pretty pointless as an outreach tool, and less than helpful as an affirmation of faith for Catholics. Snarkiness is never charitable.

[quote=lizaanne]And why do you hate him so much? Prove it. Liza.

How can you possibly have an opinion about something you haven’t even looked at? That is disingenuous at best. I avoid the near occasions of sin, as we all should do.

But I’m not the least bit surprised to see you as the very first post here ----- right on time. Do you have a “police scanner” that goes off when there is a Voris discussion? :rolleyes:

And I’m not the least bit surprised to see you johnny-on-the-spot to spread your put-downs. The old adage of ‘birds of a feather’ is increasingly true of you, for you are becoming just like him. He attacks the jews, noncatholics, clergy, government, and any who choose to worship in the OF using lawful indults that he despises. Whereas you attack those who oppose the attacker.

Please accept my rolling eyes, as well. :rolleyes:

As a former protestant, I did not find Mr. Voris vortex segment “uncharitable”. If the catholic
church was"one of many" denominations, I would not have converted. If the catholic church
is not the one true church, than I and millions of converts have been mislead. As far as Martin Luther goes, read some of his writings, he has written some blasphemous stuff. (from a catholic perspective.) and as Jesus said"by their fruits you will know them". 30,000+ denominations,every man his own pope, the lies and malice spread by hardcore evengelicals
(and by heretical catholics.) And worse yet, some evengelicals with pagans attack the catholic church.And as far as “offending” protestants goes, what’s so “offensive” about defending the faith against falsehoods? If the catholic church is not special and get along go along with protestants is the order of the day, why did I become a catholic?

I had to stop once Mr. Voris spoke incorrectly:

Despite Luther’s concerns, Luther’s German bible translation was complete with 77 book - he didn’t “throw out” any books as Mr. Voris claims.

When trying to be persuasive, one must be really careful with facts. An audience generally stops listening once one says something that isn’t obviously true.

Not uncharitable, when compared to somethings I’ve seen. Some of it is factually incorrect. Some of it expresses a similar tone that we’ve seen in the past by folks like Father O’Hare. Some of it sounds like he wants to up his “hit totals”.
Some folks, Lutheran and Catholic, seem bent on continuing the lobbing of anathemas back and forth, even though that old practice seems gone among our respective Church leaders.
Luther was Luther. Pope Leo X was Poe Leo X. Nothing will change who they were. Nothing will change to time they lived in, or the mistakes they made. The challenge for Lutherans and Catholics today is to recognize that, 495 years later, our vision should be on the tasks at hand today - working with the Spirit’s guidance toward the unity Christ calls us to, spreading the good news as Christ commands us to, and helping those in need as He expects us to.


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