Certainty of the written word of truth

Well, it’s been interesting but I think it’s time to move on. I came here at an invitation to check out a particular thread which was okay. (Edited by Moderator as per Banned Topics Policy)

The Certainty of the Written Word of Truth. One of the authors is a former Catholic priest:

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His site:

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See you around. I may come back at some point just to see what’s going on. I’m praying for you.

4Given, if you haven’t already, please tune into EWTN and watch a few episodes of The Journey Home.

Article subtitle: “The Lord Christ or the Pope of Rome?”. Why would I bother to read any further, given such a demonstrated lack of basic comprehension? I could just as easily (and just as falsely) ask “The Lord Christ or the KJV?”

Must everything be either-or to these people?

Of course, you have no certainty at all going with the Bible alone. You cannot be certain on the actual canon of Scripture. Likewise, either you believe that you are fallible in the interpretation which you give the Scripture, or you hold that you are infallible: if you say you are fallible, then your faith is uncertain and vacillating, and, consequently, is not faith at all; but if you say you are infallible, then your absurd presumption drives you to assert, that the whole Church may err in her interpretation of Scripture, but that you individually can interpret it with infallible certainty.

That’s a very revealing way of putting the matter.

Who gave us the Bible?

By the way, regarding the domain name of that site, many of the Bereans rejected the gospel even though they had it preached to them by the apostles themselves. They searched the scriptures to see if what they had been told was true, and they came to the exact wrong conclusion! What is this love affair with the Bereans anyway?

I read some of this site and watched the video. These Christians seem to realy think we (Catholics) are going to hell.

Is this true of most born again evangelists? They think all Catholics are condemed to hell?

(Edited by Moderator) this is a much more pragmatic approach than the thread you started to discredit Mother Theresa. That was a joke, really. Your unsubstantiated claims against her were quickly exposed and you became the deserved subject of unrelenting rebuke. Lacking anything even remotely substantive to justify defaming a Saint recognized by all as exemplary, you decided to withdraw from the firestorm without even bothering to apologize. (Edited by Moderator) So what do you do? Learn your lesson? Nope, you post your drivel and biased threads under the guise of ecumenical altruism and concern and then announce your departure from the thread while simultaneously leaving open the possibility of returning “at some time”! (Edited by Moderator) This way your rhetoric cant be exposed so easily because you just hit and run and there is no opportunity to reveal your falsehoods. (Edited by Moderator)
Don’t worry, I’m sure Mother Theresa forgives you and is praying for you. Those are prayers that might actually accomplish something worthwhile.

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