Cervical cancer vaccination


What are the moral implications of having your teenage daughter vaccinated against sexually-acquired cervical cancer?

My wife says it would be irresponsible parenting not to protect them.

I say it is a mortal sin to vaccinate, by leading them into temptation.


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I’d be more concerned with the physcial implications-- there are immediate side effects to the vaccine, and it is so new that no one really knows its long-term side effects or whether it will decrease effectiveness over time. Also, not all HPV viruses are stopped by the vaccine. HPV is a family of viruses, and the vaccine only works against some of them.

I disagree.

The vaccine does not “protect” against every strain of HPV and the long-term effectiveness really isn’t know. As parents, we do what we think best at the time. And, HPV and cervical cancer, while serious, are very treatable. So, if your daughter were to somehow get HPV, she could still be treated for it.

I disagree with this also. Having the vaccine is not, in and of itself, a temptation. Nor are you "leading’ your daughter into temptation if you were to give it to her.

First, you don’t have to explain to your daughter all the details of the vaccine, what it’s for, and how HPV is acquired. I know as a child I got a ton of shots and never really knew what they all were.

Secondly, while most women acquire HPV through their own sexual activity others may get it from being the victim of rape. You cannot know what the future holds, and there are many people who feel that this is a preventative measure.

And, lastly, not all strains of HPV are transmitted sexually.

Personally, right now I would lean towards not giving the vaccine. But, it’s a personal decision parents must make individually.


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