"C'est Moi". Suggestions for manly, non-romantic, songs

I saw this wonderful clip of in Camelot C’est Moir(1967) and thought - “now that’s a man’s song”!

Which got me to thinking, what are some other “manly” songs? There are some great romantic ones, but let’s leave them out.

I’ll suggest:

Edelweiss - A woman could sing it, but after Christopher Plummer did it, it belongs to us men! :slight_smile:
The Impossible Dream
Men of Harlech
The Pearl Fishers’ Duet

I thank you for any responses. I won’t be able to look at them until sometime tomorrow though.

La Donna e Mobile
Nessun Dorma
March of The British Grenadiers (yes, it has lyrics)

Got to say we Australians do manly music pretty darn well my Adelaidian friend - proof being anything by ACDC or Cold Chisel

But there’s a special little gem of a song called ‘You’re Going Home in the Back of a Divvy Van’ that has to be the ultimate blokey song (Divvy Van = police van for those not familiar with the lingo): youtube.com/watch?v=R5Cw043lPCE

I Love My Truck

srlsy any of the more robust patriotic songs, think Marine corps choir
where exactly would you be singing this (outside the shower that is)

and I have to agree with Lily.
Play your Diggery-doo (sp?), Lou, is definitely a guy lyric (Tie me Kangeroo Down).

It’s not a guy lyric, it’s just embarrassing.

Similar to your first suggestion, only a man could come up with Queen’s song ‘I’m in Love With My Car’.

But there are others like ‘Why Can’t a Woman Be More Like a Man’ from ‘My Fair Lady’, since the OP seems to be into musicals.

if we are doing musicals and operettas the entire Gilbert and Sullivan corpus is made for guys, with allowances for the occasional Yum Yum.

how about Jed and Curly’s duet from Oklahoma?

The song sung by Nelson Eddy, “Stout-Hearted Men,” although in modern times some of its lyrics may be interpreted as homo-erotic.

Heres two,i hope you don’t mind,they’re not in English,but theyre quite “manly” lol

Here’s a list of songs from several different genres that I can’t imagine a woman/girl singing:

The Impossible Dream

Ol’ Man River

Ghost Riders in the Sky

Erlkonig (by Schubert)

Roustabouts (from Dumbo)

Fathoms Below (from Little Mermaid)

Brotherhood of Man (from How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying)

Mother Machree

lots and lots of guy songs!

Surely “The Boxer” by Simon & Garfunkel.

A substantial part of old Irish songs, like “Gilgarra Mountain” and “Rising of the Moon”.

Almost any “sailor/whaler” song like “Bonny Ship the Diamond” or “Heave Away, Haul Away”.

Lots of cowboy songs.

And Meatloaf!

The songs you cite are also very beautiful. Another Irish song that fits the bill is “Bold Fenian Men,” which Judy Collins recorded, together with “Rising of the Moon,” on her first album.

Not entirely true. Women have recorded Schubert’s Erlkonig and Judy Collins recorded “Ghost Riders in the Sky.” Also, do you really think the sentimental Irish song “Mother Machree” is manly? Beautiful, yes, especially when sung by the great John McCormack, but manly?

“The Partisan” by Leonard Cohen, although it is sad, describes bravery and courage.

As awful a person as she is in other ways, Judy Collins did have at least a sometime ability to sing “manly” songs and make it work. I think she also recorded “Bonny Ship the Diamond”. (???) Regardless, it sometimes seems almost cutely artificial, sort of like Shirley Temple as the “Littlest Rebel” or the cutesy knockoff military uniforms sometimes worn by the Andrews Sisters and other girl groups in WWII.

Which reminds me of the Civil War. “Riding a Raid” (‘Tis old Stonewall the rebel, who leans on his sword, and while we are mounting, praise lo to the Lord"), "Ol’ Abner" (“I can whup the Yankee that stole ol’ Abner’s shoes”), “Goober Peas” (“Sittin’ by the roadside on a summer’s day, chattin’ with my mess-mates, passin’ time away…”).

Hard to picture a woman doing them at all. Indeed, for that matter “Bonnie Blue Flag”, though many a woman surely sang it. “We are a band of brothers…” doesn’t quite work for a woman. Even the “original” “Wartime Dixie” …“Men of South the thunders mutter, northern flags in south winds flutter, true to arms, true to arms, etc. Fear no danger, shun no labor, lift up rightful pike and saber”…and so on. Still, undoubtedly it was sung by many a woman.

“Roddy McCorley”, of course. One could imagine it sung effectively by a woman, but one would think it difficult because it would suggest a romantic interest in Roddy McCorley.

And, of course, some of the “tough guy” songs like “Big Boy Pete”. A woman could do it without committing egregious gender reference errors, but it would not seem to fit well except perhaps for a Woman of the Evening.

Well, it’s manly:

Gory, Gory Paratrooper

Mansions of the Lord

In Fernem land

And one of the saddest most touching lyrics I’ve ever heard.

The Dying Soldier

Joe B

Days - The Kinks
Angel’s Wings (acoustic version) - Social Distortion
Fall Back Down - Rancid
Walk - Foo Fighters FUNNIEST. VIDEO. EVER]
You’ll Never Walk Alone - orig. version by Gerry & The Pacemakers

Yes, Collins did record “Bonnie Ship the Diamond.” At the time she recorded many of these Irish songs, her voice was not yet that of a soprano, but rather a deeper mezzo, so they don’t sound so “cute.” I love so many Irish songs, whether they happen to be “manly” or not. And the sailor songs you mention are also perfect for this category. Have you ever heard the late American baritone, Leonard Warren, sing some of them on recording? Just extraordinary.

My father used to sing a ditty he called “The Coffee in the Army”. He died when I was 12 (back in 1968) and he was in his 60s then so this probably went back to WW2. I wish that I could remember more verses --he knew a LOT of them, does anybody else remember hearing it from Dad, Grandpa, or Uncle?

"They say that in the army the coffee’s mighty fine,
It’s good for cuts and bruises --it tastes like iodine,
Oh I don’t want no more of army life,
Gee mom, I wanna go home.

They say that in the army the donuts mighty fine,
One rolled off a table and killed a pal of mine,
Oh I don’t want no more of army life
Gee mom, I wanna go,
Right back to Buffalo,
Gee mom, I wanna go home."

“Don Quixote” by Gordon Lightfoot

“You’re the Best” by Joe “Bean” Esposito - the iconic montage fight song from the original “Karate Kid”

“The Ballad of the Green Beret” by SSG Barry Sadler

“Catholic Boy” by Jim Carroll

“Bad to the Bone” by George Thorogood

“Shipping Up to Boston” by the Dropkick Murphys

“Warrior King” by Lou Reed

“Don’t Tread on Me” by Metallica

“Road of the Righteous” - The Dropkick Murphys

“The Trooper” - Iron Maiden

“Sun and Steel” by Iron Maiden (about Miyamoto Musashi)

“These Colours Don’t Run” by Iron Maiden

“Scots Wha Hae” by The Real Mckenzies

“Swords of a Thousand Men” - Tenpole Tudor

“The Warrior’s Code” - The Dropkick Murphys

“Flash of the Blade” - Iron Maiden

“Boney Was a Warrior” - Jack Clement

“For You” - Johnny Cash

“The Ballad of Boom Boom Mancini” by Warren Zevon

“Hit Somebody” (The Hockey Song) by Warren Zevon

“Whiskey in the Jar” (The Pogues duet with the Chieftans, or Thin Lizzy’s cover)

“I Won’t Back Down” (cover by Johnny Cash)

“Tennessee Stud” by Johnny Cash

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