Chakra use in Physio Therapy-Help!!


Hi my Catholic friend is going to a physio therapist for jaw problems (locked)

This therapist did work the jaw and it feels alot better. But she also did this waving hands deal because my friend (Jane) charkra was blocked.

(For background Jane used to go to physics and now knows its wrong but satan isnt letting go that easily, there has been others under different names but she always seems to end up with someone in that realm.

I think she should just be able to tell the person that she just wants her to perform “regular” physio therapy and thats it. OR should she just change?

And shes speaking of when the therapist did that her eyes were closed and she could see a light and when the therapist waved the hands it was dark.

Then theres another bit about a night light, it flickers. (before the therapy) it was in her sons room. she put it in the hall and after the therapy the light stopped, also the light when she closes her eyes stopped and became dark. She doesnt know if its good or bad.

My skeptical ways are clashing with various things. This whole thing doesnt sit in one realm that I can figure. Shes also into salt and I gave her some research I did on how its always associated with superstition and other than OT no NT talk of salt being used for protection.

She had a wonderful end to psychics, wouldnt really listen to anyone me, other friends research because no one hit home WHY she shouldnt, we told her but it didnt connect. Until a “chance” meeting with a visiting priest in the parking lot after mass. A mention in passing she was seeing a psychic later. The priest picking up on it and speaking to her there in the parking lot. very wonderful.

But satan isnt giving her up that easily. Next it was holistic medicine and a wierd healing she feels gave her a miscarriage, A wicca “friend” of hers she went to the cermony and she thinks she has a curse, then she wanted to get organized so she ended up in Fung Shi, which lead to salt, that light and now the physio therapist and charkra because of some dental work.

I know whats wrong but shes all over the book here in superstitions. She knows its wrong and is fearful of the charkra thing now. I think I have to start booking her appointments or something. Its becoming a “coat hanger” mess to sort out.

the only thing I know is they all fall under satans unbrella, just different names. Im open to suggestions, if anyone sees some explainations here or advice Id appreciate it. Its all spread around to keep up too.

Perhaps thats it, cause she relys on my discernment and I know whats wrong to tell her, but cant always say why due to the variety of superstitions. Which was the problem (no one coulc tell her Why) until the mystery priest came along and told her why and ended the psychic part.

Maybe Lord can you send that priest by her church again and ask how shes doing? :gopray2:

sorry this is confused Im just trying to remember it all. :slight_smile:


When the physio therapist brings it up again she should just say

“Thank you, but I don’t go in for all that.”

I have an aquaintance in volunteer work that has asked me to help out with “cleansing her home” with incense and other pganesque rituals. I politely say, “Thank you, but that is not for me, and its not something I can help you with.”

If the therapist or the friend were to persist, I would offer to take it up after we get done praying 20 decades of the Rosary together.

Chances are, she will be left unbothered.


Is there any possibility that she could go to a different therapist? I think that would be the wisest plan…But if she does decide to continue, she needs to simply tell the person, that she is there was physiotherapy, & not any thing else…

Maybe, if she is willing, could you go with her? As a second party, to just help her stand up to this person…Or make an appointment with another therapist… I know, I would appreciate a friend who was willing to help out in this way. (I always like a friend along when I have anything different done treatment wise…)


thanks guys, I just wasnt sure (I guess Im just tooo Canadian polite eh) but I wanted to check I wasnt over reacting, to be sure shes not happy either about it. I should see if I can go with her thats a good idea.

Its just when I think of this path shes wandering on its getting a bit overwhelming in the way of mixed sources of superstitions for lack of a better term.

What do you guys or anyone else make of this night light that flickered, she sees light when her eyes close. then after this charkra is “unblocked” then she sees dark and the night light in the hall isnt flickering. Im just not good with it in my soul but I cant explain why to her. Ideas on that or anything else I said

Sorry for those that read it and think it confused its just the way the situation is. thanks

btw we are on a long weekend so if I dont get back today before I leave I will be back on tuesday. :slight_smile:


Hello just bumping

Just wondering if anyone knows about this Charkra stuff, other than to avoid it. Just looking for a good explaination, if there is one.



[quote=]New Age and Alternative Healing terminology. One of the alleged ‘‘energy centers’’ of the yogic system. Chakra is a Hindi term that literally means “wheel of energy.” Chakras are visualized as wheels or vortices in the body’s energy fields, and are said to be important in “channeling conciousness” and linking the physical and spiritual dimensions. They are located within the body in front of the spinal column and are aligned vertically up and down the spine in order to allow kundalini energy to travel from the base of the spine to the top of the forehead. Chakras play a role in many alternative healing therapies. Some say chakras give off auras, the colors of which they claim can reveal the status of one’s spiritual and/or physical health.

I’d recommend staying away from that sort of treatment and anyone who administers it. Messing around with that stuff. Is serious business. Your friend needs to renounce/confess even being there. If she is Catholic (I think you said she is) she needs to talk to her priest about it.

You aren’t overreacting.

I think it has demonic influence.


I was involved in Chakra - there are 7 and each is dedicated to a Diety. One is for Ganesha, one for Ayesha (Mohd’s wife), Prop Mohd, Buddha and so on…It is really a melting pot of all religions viz - The One World Religion. The scary thing is this - the unblocking of the Chakras is to activate the kundalini - I just found out a couple of months ago that the kundalini is the Snake Goddess. We all know that God has put us in enmity with the serpent (Gen). This is something I dabbled in about 10 years ago. Thank God for the Born Again experience where the Holy Spirit teaches you all things. I guess God allowed me to go though the process so that I can testify against it today. Avoid all forms of Yoga as well as Eastern religious forms of prayer…like meditation etc. It’s a snare of the enemy. Be vigilant…the enemy is out there like a roaring lion


:smiley: Sounds like hocus pokus to me, but I would say i rather have a massage than do that!


They need deliverance from all of that.


From a medical point of view alternative/holistic medicine is often pseudoscientific or borders on it, particularly with vague notions like ‘chi’ and ‘chakra fields’ and so on. Skeptics have rightly questioned whether this is pure nonsense (the skeptic’s dictionary site by Tod Carroll has good entries on alternative medicine.)

You should encourage your friend to stick only to scientific medicine, and to stay away from New Age related practices which probably at best only have an illusory psychological effect (known as the placebo whereby belief will make one feel one has been ‘cured’) and won’t help her faith or her health.

Your friend seems to manifest many of the cognitive mistakes which result in superstitions, including various mistakes we make in associating events and causes (your friend for example is irrationally inferring the problem with electrical lights is caused by invisible spirits when in reality it was probably just caused by a fault in the electrical mechanism). It would be wise to do some research on cognitive fallacies and biases and remind them to your friend, perhaps by experiment if you can.


While I disagree with some of the other poster’s impressions of chakra’s, etc, I do agree that a Catholic should not be involved with that type of treatment. It is out of line with the teachings of the church. Whether or not it “works”, has nothing to do with it.

In vitro works, but it too is out of line with Church teachings and must be avoided by Catholics.


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