Chaldean patriarchate again urges Catholics who have fled Iraq to return home [CWN]


The Chaldean Catholic Patriarchate has renewed its plea to Catholics who have fled Iraq to return home.“You are scattered on earth (even family are dispersed),” Patriarch Louis Raphaël …



I’m sure His Eminence means well, but Iraq still seems like a very dangerous place to be for Christians and Muslims alike.


Chaldean Christianity survived for centuries by being well armed and tougher than their neighbours.

Those days are gone. They are now sitting ducks. I don’t think the patriarch can guarantee their safety if they come back.


I hope that they do return home. Iraq needs Catholics to be there so that evangelization can take place. I hope and pray that some day the entire Muslim world is converted to Catholicism. From what I understand, the Blessed Virgin Mary would be instrumental in this since they hold her in such high regard.


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