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Do priests own their own chalices?
Or to put it another way, is it expected that a priest own his chalice?

Is buying one as simple as finding the one you can afford and like the most? It seems odd to me that personal preference for aesthetics would play a role, but who knows.

I never heard of this till now. As far as I’m aware, each church normally provides the chalice, chasuble, and everything else the celebrant is going to need.

The church does supply chalices but priests frequently also have their own personal chalice. It’s not an uncommon ordination gift from his parents and/or family. I’m sure most take his preferences into consideration or just let him pick it out. Our priest usually uses his for weekday masses.

Take a look in a religious catalogue from one of the suppliers. I’m sure your church office has several. :slight_smile:


Most secular priests do receive a Chalice & Paten set upon ordination, usually from family.
Not sure about religious priests as that might be against a vow of poverty.

Many priests I know also have at least a green & white chasuble that they own, that is usually tailored specifically for them.

I was told that when a priest passe away his chalice and paten is passed to a poor priest or poor missionary priest. I suppose if a family wanted the ‘gift’ returned it would be, but am not sure. Ask a priest.

I have a chalice of my own, given to me by my great-uncle, who has been ordained for almost 70 years. It was a gift to him from his parents on the day of his ordination. I mostly use parish chalices though, and only get my own out for special occasions.



I think they mainly use their own for their daily private Masses.

MOST do have their own that I know of. Our Priest that I had all my early life (he stayed in our Parish for 30 years or so) had a beautiful jeweled one. He willed it to his nephew who is also a Priest.

Our Pastor has his own and had special things that mean a lot to him put on it. But he never uses this one at Church unless it is a very special occasion. We have 2 complete Mass sets (chalice, paten, ciborium) that always stay at our Church as does our Mother Church.

I believe it is the one thing I’ve heard many Priests say of value that they actually own (religious wise) that it truly theirs.

The 7 men who were just ordained in our diocese told all about how they choose their chalices and why they chose them. It was a very big deal for them. Some of their Moms and sisters went with them to make the choice. One of the men said instead of “yes to the dress” like brides do he said “yup to the cup”.


There are many options to buy them. It can be a matter of cost or what each particular priest likes.

They are even sold (VERY NICE ONES) on ebay.

Hello Father,
Just curious, would you say that’s typical of most priests?

BTW - welcome back to the forums!

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Thanks for the answers.

When a friend of ours was ordained, I found a chalice and paten set made of white ceramic. (It was on sale, too)!

Our parochial vicar just celebrated his 45th anniversary of ordination. He brought out the chalice given to him and explained why he was using it.

That being said, I’ve seen parish chalices unless there’s another reason to use a different one.

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I know of one priest who will use a deceased priest’s personal chalice when offering Mass for his soul. It gives him a unique connection to the priest he is praying for.

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The Knights of Columbus sends chalices to missions around the world.

I read on another forum that a chalice has to be gold (or gold plated) on the inside. True?

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Hmmm, I thought ceramic chalices are not allowed? That they have to be made of metal?


As long as they are lined with a ‘noble material’ (IE gold or silver)

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I thought they had to be entirely made of metal as well.


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Hmm. This seems to indicate that they cannot. There must be a liturgical law somewhere!

The two-piece kit was available, we needed an ordination gift, so we got it. I’m sure he would have known if he could have used it or not.

I know of one priest who had a wooden chalice.

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Just to share here are pictures from our diocese website of the 7 Seminarians then Priests now with their Chalices:

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