Challenging Islam

I am not disposed toward the soothingly facile idea embodied in the popular expression, “Let’s agree to disagree.” That trite phrase, intended to avoid confrontation, generally has the effect of delaying, or defeating entirely, any attempt to uncover the truth or error at the root of the question under disagreement. Indeed, agreeing to disagree is what allowed slavery to continue in America for three quarters of a century after the Constitution was ratified. And, it remains a favorite concept of politicians who seek to advance their own agendas behind the screen of an alleged “bipartisanship.”

Such shallow diplomacy is embedded in the contemporary exaltation of tolerance as the primary virtue necessary for life in a civil society. It is sham wisdom grounded in the hope that acceptance of each other’s perception of reality will produce peaceful co-existence (“Whatever works for you!”). What it actually produces is the lie of relativism, which holds that all opinions and cultural practices are equally true and good.


I think he’s about right. I don’t know how much confrontation there needs to be – burning korans is stupid in general, but I grow a bit weary of the notion that we should ignore the problems of the Islamic world while Christians are attacked during church services and forced into veils.

Do you realize the answer to Islam is to stop buying oil from them and to stop propping up puppets for leaders. IF WE DON’T buy their OIL they have NO money to wage terrorism on us or their neighbors.

Imagine where Saudi Arabia would be if we never discovered Oil in the desert? They would still be nomads living as their ancestors lived. Imagine if we hadn’t tossed Prime Minister Mossadegh out of Iran via propaganda? It was all because Shell Oil was robbing them blind and not funneling enough money back to the Iranian workers. Read ALL THE SHAHS MEN.

Maybe 20 years ago. The various oil rich states in the region have started to diversify their economies [tech, money management, tourism, etc].

Challenge of Islam, I think that is not related with their teachings and leadership

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