Champions of Faith film not to be missed

Film from Catholic Exchange reveals how faith shaped lives, careers of baseball stars

News release from the Maximus Group

Atlanta, GA, May 7, 2007 – As baseball fans head to ballparks across the country, Catholic Exchange releases its first film, which showcases the faith of some of our most beloved “Boys of Summer.” A stunning sports special which depicts America’s favorite pastime as a metaphor for life, Champions of Faith: Baseball is Catholic Exchange’s debut project for its new film and video division.

Full article… I highly recommend this video to anyone particularly youth ministers or young adult ministries.

Very current, just out this March of 2007 about professional baseball players and how God plays a part in their lives as Catholics and as ballplayers.

I understand they are also working on a football version of this film as well. Michael Voris, host of The One True Faith, interviewed an executive from **The Maximus Group **on their weekly Sirius radio show, who produced Champions of Faith, and he said they are working on other similar projects. So stay tuned, it sounds like more good stuff is yet to come from them!


I’ve been interested in this, but have a question. I have watched Fr. Francis Mary interview several sports figures (mostly baseball players) on Life on the Rock on EWTN. While I enjoy that format, many of the teens in my youth group have said they find it a bit dull. Is this movie action packed?? How long does it last? What would make it appealing to young people?


Throughout the entire film, there are actual clips of ball games…and also short 15 sec clips of the different ballplayers takes on their faith…and longer clips of their life stories…
The movie is an hour long, but since there are clips…you can fast forward to points that you wish to bring out. Watch the trailer

I ordered it mostly for my older brother who enjoys and follows baseball but has stepped back from the Faith. I did watch the DVD first because I was hoping to share it with my eighth grade RE students in the fall, but I won’t be doing that.

The stories the players share are more geared, imo, to men, fathers, husbands, friends, brothers and such. It seems to be there to help otherwise ‘macho’ men see that it is not weak to place your faith first, to be open about your faith, especially in the work place; and it shows that faithfulness gets rewarded.

Maybe this will work with junior and seniors in high school and college guys into sports.

Excellent video, though. I loved it and I don’t even follow baseball.

Is this an entirely Catholic perspective, or do they talk about othr Christian faiths as well?

Entirely Catholic. The Chapter Index guide on the inside even includes which virtues each segment is trying to address. These are Catholic baseball icons speaking about how and why they keep their faith front and center all year through.

Is this a quality video?

I’m all for supporting this, but is it done well? I’ll probably buy it and check it out for myself, but as far as youth ministry goes, if it can’t compete with Hollywood, it’s not really for my youth group.

That’s why I’m excited about the movie Bella. You don’t win the Toronto Film Festival without running in the same league as the bulldogs in Hollywood!

Maybe clips here and there at a boys retreat? I really need to order it and see what I can do to get the most out of it! I am excited though!

Very quality video…you will like it.

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