Chance of OO and EO Reunion

Regardless of whatever one’s personal opinions are on the subject, is a reunion between the OO and EO probable in the foreseeable future (let’s say within 50 years)? And if a reunion is to happen what concessions will need to be made by each side and how will the anathemas of Chalcedon be handled? Again, I am not asking for personal opinions on whether or not this should happen but rather I am asking if it is possible and the steps that would need to be taken. And if you don’t think it’s possible please explain why. Thanks in advance.

Personally, it seems to me the most likely way those Churches will come into Communion with each other is by both of them returning to communion with Rome. Minorities of both churches already have done so (the Eastern Catholic and Oriental Catholic Churches).

I would not dare to speculate on a time frame, however. God works in His own time. I do hope that with the current rampant seclurization throughout the West it will be “soon.” We need all the unity possible in the final persecution.

My understanding is how Chalcedon is handled (Is it ecumenical? Must it be accepted?) is the single roadblock outside of administrative issues. I suppose that once a solution is found to that we can have full reunion.

Because it is so small I’d say it could happen anywhere from the next year, to many lifetimes.

My SF told me that if they really wanted to reunite, they would have renounce to their post-schism saints ._.

Someone see’s what lies ahead. I agree.

Probably not that great. Chalcedon is a major roadblock, not to mention the Third Council of Constantinople.

I would say its far more likely than the Orthodox joining the roman catholic.

What do the orthodox and the oriental churches really dissagree on?

Theres chalcedon of course and the hypostatic union.

Theres the problem of some saints, but other than that what is there that divides us still in terms of doctrine and belief?

Jurisdictionally it might be a problem if reunion is to happen, that is what would happen to the current patriarches in the same terrirtory? Would one have to concede and then say they are a bishop and not patriarch?

They could just have two patriarchs working together until one dies, then go to one from then on. Of course, that involves cooperation and common sense, and we know how often that works out amongst hierarchs :rolleyes:

But at the parish level we generally get along quite well. Just tonight we were at a family game night at an Armenian parish. Their priest came over to me and said hello and “Christ is born!” and told me not to say “Merry Christmas” lol. I know he’s good friends with our priest. A lot of OCF chapters have mixed Oriental/Eastern members.

So maybe something will start at a grassroots level that will bear fruit. Who knows?

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