Chance to share story behind your CAF user name and profile picture

I noticed a lot of people on CAF have intriguing and creative user names and/or profile pictures.

If it’s not too personal and you would like to share the story behind your choices, I would be interested in hearing and learning something from it. I bet others would, too. I apologize if this topic has been done before.

Mine is not as creative.

User name: was just my first name and a random number that had not been previously used by another CAF user named Tommy. The first couple of numbers I tried were already taken so I decided to “go big or go home”.

Profile Picture: I love to pray before bedtime, I consider myself to be a child at heart, and I love dogs, so when I saw the picture of the little boy praying with his beloved dog at his side, I couldn’t resist that photo.


Mine is a variation of my name plus I’m Cajun born, Cajun bred and one day I’ll be Cajun dead. My picture is the mother pelican piercing her own flesh to feed her young. It is representative of Jesus giving us His Body and Blood in Holy Communion. Also the Pelican is the state bird of Louisiana.


Sounds like an intermingling of your faith with your cultural and regional identity. :+1:. I like it very much.


I’m so not creative! My user name is the same I’ve used since ~1994 when I set up an account on AOL. First name and initials of my middle and last name!

The picture in my icon is one I used for my Google icon and CAF grabbed it and I’ve never bothered to change it. It’s how I envision myself as a young attractive computer geek…which only the geek and female parts are true!

Someday I may get around to changing my icon?


Beryllos is the Greek name for a sea-green mineral called beryl in English and emerald when it is of gem quality. The sound of my last name has a slight similarly to the name Beryllos.

Fun Biblical Fact: Emerald and beryl are both mentioned in Revelation 21:19-20.

For my avatar/picture, I chose a three-pointed (Trillion cut) pale emerald, symbolizing the Holy Trinity.


I’m Italian American. My name is a character from an Italian film, but with a typo.

My profile picture is a tree that I photographed and edited.

I periodically change my profile pic.


I was signing up for a game called Runescape and I picked the name “dracula 16”. Vampires were fascinating to me, so that’s why I picked it. After a while, I didn’t like the connotation that that name had, so I shortened it to “drac”. The 16 comes from me having been born on the 16th of November.

My pic is a picture of a hoopoe. I used it because it looks like it has a crown on its head. In the Torah, the Israelites were prohibited from eating hoopoe meat. It’s a fascinating bird.


Thanks to those who have contributed so far.

Your names and profile pics are coming more into focus after hearing the story behind the name and profile pics.Very interesting and creative choices. I like them.


My name means “of the Cross” in Arabic, my native tongue.

I’m very bad when it comes to usernames, and my mind tends to go blank, so usually what I do is I look to my surroundings for suggestions and ideas. It so happened that when I was setting up my CAF account there was a copy of Thomas Asbridge’s The Crusades next to me, and, this being a Christian forum, I went with that. “Crusader” in Arabic is “Faris Salibi” which means “Knight of the Cross”-I just shortened it to Salibi.

I don’t have an icon as I’m not that interested in customizing my account. I used to have one early on but I forgot what it was.


I’m a mostly Irish female bear.
I usually use bears for my userpic.

The current bear is a sticker they give to little kids when they get a shot at the doctor. It was on a Gang of Four shirt I bought when they toured their last tour last year. I first heard that band when I was 17 with my best friend from high school (She died in 2018) and hadn’t seen them live since I was 20 with my then-boyfriend (He died in 2004). They won’t be touring again because the tour last year went through China and the band leader came down with something now suspected to be COVID-19 and died of multiple organ failure and pneumonia.

I posted the bear sticker and its fellows (a tiger, panda and kitty) to my social media and said they ought to make these stickers for adults to get one every day. And then some guy I don’t even know and didn’t remember adding who had never commented before popped up and went on a snowflake rant. I blocked him.


In-bonum, latin = in good. I had another username but that was possibly recognisable and I wanted something that wouldn’t be. In bonum is taken from “Omnia in bonum”.

My profile photo, The Return of the Prodigal Son by Rembrandt - one of my favorite parts from Bible is Parable of the Prodigal son in which I find myself most… I am prodigal daughter actually :grinning:


The prodigal son account is one of my favorite stories in the Bible, too. It is a profound story of how much God loves us, how merciful He is, and how much He desires that we come home to Him.

I’m so glad to hear that the prodigal daughter made it home safely! May the Lord continue to bless and keep you, Inbonum.


Very creative indeed, Salibi. I feel a bit embarrassed by comparison when I see how much thought and effort you used in creating your user name.

I am even more impressed if you hail from a country where Christians are in a minority. No matter what the situation is, may God bless you, Salibi. I also thank you for your many insightful contributions to my previous threads.


My username is a tribute to the longtime bishop of my diocese, +Bishop Glennon P. Flavin , who served here from 1967-1992 and died in 1995.


Just curious…Is an Irish bear more like a fierce grizzly or a teddy bear, or perhaps depends on the situation?

Awesome! Thanks for sharing, Glennon. I had assumed that Glennon was your first name. Now, as a former analyst you know I’ll have to look up Bishop Glennon P. Flavin on the web. :grinning:

From Wikipedia:

Known for his conservative views although many recognize his actions to be faithful to Christ and to Rome. He greatly increased the number of priestly vocations during his tenure

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Don’t be :sweat_smile:! You are overestimating the amount of time I spent thinking of a username. It was a few-minute affair, nothing more.

You’re very kind :slight_smile::slight_smile:! I’m blushing. Thanks for the compliment-I’m glad you find my comments insightful. I enjoy your threads and posts as well.

Not really! I am from Lebanon, where 40% of people are Christians of various ethnicities and sects. Furthermore, if you factor in our diaspora, the majority of Lebanese (diaspora+native-born) are Christians.


Two bits of trivia about +Bishop Flavin:

  1. A native of St. Louis, he was named for +Cardinal John J. Glennon, the Archbishop of St. Louis from 1903-1946.

  2. There’s an oft-repeated story that may or may not be true: +Bishop Flavin had a brother (Monsignor Cornelius Flavin) who, like him, was a priest for the Archdiocese of St. Louis. When word reached their mother that her son had been made a Bishop, and that it was then-Monsignor Glennon Flavin, she is alleged to have responded, “They chose the wrong one!”


I am so glad to hear that you are not being currently persecuted for your faith, Salibi. I have never been to that area of the world, but I hear that the cedar trees of Lebanon are famous and beautiful.

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