Change, 1970-80's religious congregations

I can still recall the motto of many religious congregations in the 1970s–change, change and more change.

Actually, it was some of the members in the different congregations.

I saw many congregations have to close ministries because of the drop in vocations.

Many teaching orders of sisters had to close their schools. Now the congregations are coming close to passing out of existence.

I wonder: have they changed since the 1970-80s?

Could they update to the 2015s?

I will be watching to read your thoughts.

Some have indeed changed, and have seen a boom in vocations. Like the Nashville Dominicans:

“Change back” might be a better term. Many of the other orders are verging on extinction. I guess it turns out you can be a social worker or a teacher who has “moved beyond Christ” without sacrificing marriage, kids, money, etc. Who would have seen that coming :shrug:

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