Change your flag, Australia, says NZ's acting PM

Is this humour the rest of the world doesn’t understand or is he serious?

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Australia should offer to allow New Zealand to become a state.

Trans-Tasman? This whole gender-switching is getting complicated for me!


Go home New Zealand, you’re drunk.

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Around 13-14% of kiwis live in Australia…they can also live and work in Australia as long as they want…so NZ may as well become part of Australia

We should have a green and gold eureka flag and offer asylum to the New Zealand All Black team.

Not sure they would take up your offer.

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Why, it’s a seperate country

Leave the eureka stockade flag alone. Rpeveryone appropriates it for commercialism or causes. It’s wrong.

Shh don’t tell NZ we both belong to the Commonwealth and have a Queen

Are you supportive of the Eureka flag and don’t want it to become the National flag or are you critical of the Eureka flag and don’t want it to become the National Flag?


But make the offer anyway.

I can assure you, while both countries are friendly, both have the Queen as head of state, and both allow free travel between the two, New Zealand has zero interest in becoming a state of Australia. They have their own subculture and identity separate from Australia. Besides, NZ doesn’t need the All Blacks polluted with Wallabie mediocrity and lame Aussie football. :wink:

Anyway, the flags are similar because Australia copied New Zealand. New Zealand’s Flag was in use ~ 30 yrs prior to Australia’s. Moreover, a Kiwi won the design competition for Australia’s flag. Aussies always trying to steal credit for everything when the facts are actually reversed. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Are they daft? Both of them copied the Union Jack and then sprinkled a few stars to add to it. But the flag’s most prominent feature is Britain’s flag.

Now, if the Kiwis changed their flag and put a big kiwi on it or something, they could claim infringement if Australia did the same thing.

Well, not so much sprinkled as using an image of a specific constellation. :smiley:

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Very well then. They can keep the stars. :slight_smile: But in good conscience, they should remove the Union Jack.

The Pavlova Wars, and now this. :crazy_face:

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Australia will never change its flag…and never become a republic…its whole culture is British

When we had a vote previously to become a Republic I was very much a Republican coming from an Irish background.

My parents were critical of the union flag in the corner of the Aussie flag.

I actually voted against becoming a Republic (like many others) because I wanted a stronger Republic than was on offer. I wanted the people to elect the President, not the parliament.

If there was another vote again I think I would vote against becoming a Republic because I think there are advantages to being a constitutional monarchy.

Lets work on Hawaii first, they have the Union Jack in their flag too.

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