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Attending Mass Saturday evening, prior to the prayer petitions, our priest announced that the response had changed from “Lord hear our prayer” to “Lord, You are our life and salvation”. I was uncomfortable as it seemed to distance, or remove, Jesus from our requests for Him to hear and answer our prayers–the new response seemed a statement, though a lovely and true one, yet not a request for our Lord’s ear. My friend’s church nearby did not make this change. I am confused why this change would be made instead of asking our Lord to hear our prayers.


The standard response is “Lord, hear our prayer” but there is a clause that allows for a different response based on “local custom.”

My parish has a different response every Sunday. Drives me nuts because I have a hard time remembering the new response. Then, I’m focused on remembering the response instead of focusing on the intention.

We use “Lord, hear our prayer” during daily mass. I believe we change the response based on something the Liturgy committee wanted to.

If this bothers you, simply ask your priest why the change. I would bet it was your lay committee.


The Prayer of the Faithful (Universal Prayer) is a litany. A litany usually takes the form of a petition and a response. Often the response is more an acclamation than a request.

Saying, “Lord, You are our life and salvation,” is just another way of saying that we depend on God to take care of us and comfort us. If we think we have to specifically ask God to hear them then we are missing the point. The response is not so much us asking God for help but rather that we acknowledge to ourselves (as well as God) that we need Him.

I’ve heard a variety of responses over the years. My parish always sings the response on Sundays and solemnities. Most responses do include the word, “hear,” but I have heard other responses including, “Lord, have mercy.”

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