Changes in the Wording for the Mass

Does any know of a good website where one can compare the old wording with the new for Mass response changes for 2011?

Here is the new order of the mass

For additional information see

Just so you know, the first link is basically what will be on the altar (formatting and everything), while the second link has side by side comparisons of the changing parts, and information about other stuff.

What actual document on the second link provides this side by side comparison?

I found some under the tab “Sample Texts.”

Thank you! Found them.

Thank you very much. This has been most helpful.

If you’re looking for more information (e.g. why things are changing, what the prayers mean), I have a three-volume series in the works. The first volume (on the congregation’s prayers) has been in print for a year. The second volume (on the priest’s prayers) will be in print next month. See my signature for more details.

Thank you for posting this information. It is very helpful in knowing the changes that are going to be made. I hope all have a glorious day.

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