Changing a story already written; Should I do it?


I know this may sound odd, but I’ve published several stories online, and several of them contain some sexual jokes. None of them are explicit (I actually made an effort to keep that from being the case), but are still jokes about sexual matters. I can actually edit these stories and change parts and it would reflect online, but the thing is that these jokes and other instances are actual pretty solid parts of the story in that they show how a character reacts to these situations and other aspects about them. One particular character has a name that is always being purposely mispronounced to sound like something else and the way he handles it actually shows a good amount of his character. Should I change what I’ve already written, even if it’s not sexually explicit stuff? I ask this because, as a writer, I feel like it would be something of a matter of integrity to just rip this sort of stuff out, damaging the characters and their interactions.


I am a writer but do not know what to tell you.
Perhaps you could spend some time in prayer on this.


If the story doesn’t push those jokes as good or OK, I wouldn’t change a thing. Especially since it’s already been published for a while and you believe it’s necessary for characterization. :shrug:

I’m sure other people will have different opinions. Prayer never hurts, but that’s my :twocents:


As it is already published I would leave it alone.

I am trying to start a book about someone being stalked. Due to the content of this type of subject matter I have done a lot of pondering about my approach. But in the end I do want this do be very realistic so I am sure to include somethings that are not so pious, or friendly and I have decided that this will be necessary as it will reflect the nature of this crime, the perpetrators and the victims.

I have been doing a draft for about a year and still keep re-doing, re-thinking etc. It is hard to use content that at times is obviously about something that is sinful or off color. Though this will be a fiction based on real events, it will contain some pretty explicit material in the end. (If I can ever finish it. First time to try and write like this.)


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