Changing attitudes


Have you ever known anyone who went from being very negative to being positive?

I have a couple of these in my extended family. It’s very draining to try to talk to them.

I just wondered if it was ever known for someone like that to change?

Not to be negative :stuck_out_tongue: , but I haven’t ever known a negative person to change his attitude…



**Before I allowed God into my life I was negative about EVERYTHING. And trust me, as exhausting as it is for you to put up with it is equally exhausting to that person…they just don’t realize it.

My sis and mom are the way I used to be and now I find myself having to step into “positive” role very often…even when it is originally me who needs cheering up.

So, yes, change is possible… but for me it never would have happened if I hadn’t allowed the Holy Spirit to help me. I had to seek out change and then accept it. It’ll never happen just out of the blue and without that person actually wanting to change:shrug:


Guess you were right…it obviously doesn’t happen often by the looks of this thread:shrug:


I believe it is possible to completely turn your attitude around. It is really really really really really hard, but possible!


I have a sister and a nephew–both of whom I love very much who are very negative. It breaks my heart because they give up before they even try.


I used to be very negative, but I considered myself a realist. And I thought that positive people were faking it.

After Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, meds, and finding God, I have changed. I am now quietly optimistic/positive.

It was VERY hard to change. It all felt so unnatural, so fake. But one day, you realize that it’s been easy and natural for what seems like forever. I managed to forget how I was when I was negative. My SO is negative though, and I am trying to show him how believing that one is being a realist when they don’t focus at all on the good, is really not being a realist.

Negative people can be both draining and toxic.


Thanks, Malia and Sheeniac, it’s nice to know that it’s possible to change.

It is very draining to be around negative people. And, it seems like nothing I say or do seems to cheer them up or open them up to positive thoughts. I see how it hurts their lives.

I’m going to spend extra time praying and making sacrifices for them this week.


Me :slight_smile: I used to be very hateful to everyone and be extremely unhappy with the state of things (ie: my life, your life, his life, life in general!!) Ever since I became Catholic (former atheist), I’ve found it much easier to stay positive. I still have bad days when I fall back into my old habits, but people who’ve known me for several years are pretty impressed with the improvement. It can happen!


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