Changing Clothes in Same Room as Holy Images?

I have acquired a Mary statue, a Polish Mary and baby Jesus picture, a St. John Paul II picture, and several crucifixes. I have put these all in my room. However, I change into my pajamas in my room. I know this is a silly question, but is it OK to change your clothes in front of holy images? :o

Yup that is silly. What do you think would be wrong about it?

Do you have family pictures? Do you change in front of them? You are being silly. Or superstitious. I remember reading that Egyptian grave robbers would smash the eyes of statues so there would be no witnesses.

Of course! Are you ashamed of your body? You were made in God’s image.

Don’t develop scruples!!!
They are deadly. Fight these thoughts!

My great grandmother and later my grandma and grandpa after they inherited her house in spite of the fact that they were not Catholic had images of the Virgin Mary all over the house and one place they had them was in the bathroom and I never felt like it was all that wrong. Although maybe it is a little weird that my Southern Baptist Sunday school teacher grandma had images of the Virgin Mary but her name was also named Mary so maybe that had to do with it although I did talk to my grandmother about the Immaculate Conception and she believed it so. I have a t-shirt and I don’t wear t-shirts very often and it has Our Lady of Guadalupe on it so I feel like if I can wear them on my clothes then changing in front of holy images isn’t really all that bad.

They are images, not people. And if they were people, they would understand bodies.


Yikes! I’d be wearing the same clothes for 30 years if changing in front of holy images was a problem! I’ve got icons and crosses in every room! A pure heart has no cause for shame, naked or clothed. Strive to keep a pure heart, and don’t worry about offending the saints or Our Lord in this way.

There are over a billion statues of Jesus in churches all around the world wearing only a loincloth–or less.
I think you’re okay to change into your pajamas.


Thanks for the replies! :smiley:

I knew what I thought was very silly, but I just wanted to make sure, as I thought I read somewhere that being naked in front of holy images was a sign of being possessed, so I was a bit unsure if it may be a sin if you aren’t possessed (I obviously know I’m not possessed.)

There are crucifixes and statues in my bedroom where my wife and I spend quality time together… Please employ the logic part of your intellect and if you feel you may be developing scrupulocity please seek a priest to help you sort through these issues.


And stay away from sites that may not be genuinely Catholic. If you have doubts about a website, ask.

Ask yourself one question when you start feeling uncomfortable changing clothes in front of a holy image. God Himself designed the human body. Why would He feel offended by it?Adam and Eve were naked before the Fall. God did not demand they put on clothes.

Melodeonist, be at peace.

Yes its ok

If it wasnt ok then the room where people change and get ready to serve up on the altar better be changing soon lol

I am very scrupulous. I cannot even go, it seems, a week without worrying if I committed some big mortal sin even when in my calm moments, I think most likely I did not and am just giving into my scrupulosity. But I have never had a problem with changing clothes in my room even though I have a picture of Jesus, Mary, The Pope and a couple other saints in my room. I would not worry about changing infront of holy images in the least bit.

I have Holy images in my bedroom and get changed in front of them. Nothing wrong with that. Be at peace.

I have to say I would be a little uncomfortable with Holy images in the bathroom though!

Why? There is a crucifix and a picture of the sacred heart in mine…

Personally, and this just my personal feeling on the matter, it seems in poor taste.

Why? Should one not have holy images in a bedroom?

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