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I am a 20 year old female and was born and raised as a Protestant, me and my family never really go to church unless it is at christmas and easter.

Recently I recieved a call from a friend of mine who told me her autistic brother had had a major fit and that the doctors have said he may not live to 21, as I am 21 in november of this year it started me thinking that I want to be able to believe in somethig in my life.

I spoke to my mother who is very supportive and told her that I wished to change my faith and become a catholic, she has no problem with this.

I have had some trouble with where to find and buy rosarys and where to find and buy a Bible

If anyone has any information on this can they please get in touch with me via Private Message.

I Live in Essex close to Romford.

Thank you for reading this.

Sammie Lenoir


Do you know of a Catholic Church close to where you live? They would usually be able to give you rosaries and Bibles.

If you wish, you can start reading Catholic versions of the Bible online too.

The Douay-Rheims Bible and also the New American Bible are Catholic versions, the NAB is easier to read.


Pray now, just as if you were talking to a friend. Ask God for help, for yourself, your family, your friend, for whatever your concerns are. The readings at Mass are arranged seasonally, as you said that you did attend Easter and Christmas. We have just started Ordinary Time. Start attending Mass, and talk to the Pastor when you feel ready. That is the best way to immerse oneself in the Bible, and, to understand Catholicism.


Romford is served by the Diocese of Brentwood, and I believe the parish is St Edwards on Park end Road in Romford, and Fr Thomas Jordan is the Priest last time I checked :thumbsup:

You would be best served going to speak to the Priest at your local church, which I assume is Romford, where services are held at 09:30, 11:30 on Sunday.

If you are nervous or would prefer to telephone them or perhaps there is a more local church, the information for all Catholic Churches in the area is available at the Diocese of Brentwood website:

Congradulations on your choice, and best of luck to you, the Local Priest should be able to give you any information about sacraments, bibles and rosaries, as well as being able to answer any questions - that is what they are there for!

Go Essex :slight_smile:


By all means, talk to the parish priest and he will surely direct you gladly. Here is the US, we have classes for those discerning a call to the Catholic faith, but if that is not the case, the pastor will be able to assist you and answer any questions you have as they occur to you. Meanwhile, continue to pray for God’s help and attend Mass which is the most beautiful and complete prayer on earth, offering back to God the only sacrifice that He finds truly acceptable - His beloved Son, Jesus Christ, and offering ourselves to God through Jesus.

The more you learn, you more you will love God through His Church, the Body of Christ. Personal joy comes through knowing, loving and serving God in this life and looking forward to being with Him eternally. Welcome Home! :smiley:


This is the website of the Catholic Church in England and Wales: . That has information on local parishes and churches, becoming a Catholic etc.This is the website of the Catholic Parish of Romford: As others have said, talk to the priest (which may sound scary I guess), a post above names him and has the diocese website address.

If you're already baptised, you would have to go through a course of instruction in order to become Catholic--I think it's similar to RCIA in America, I'm not sure. If you're not baptised, you go through the full course. Before you've become a Catholic you are welcome to attend Mass, but shouldn't receive Communion.

I have found Catholic Bibles such as the Jerusalem Bible (which I own) with the deutrocannonical (sp?) books (what Protestants call the Apocrypha) in both ordinary British bookshops such as Waterstones in the Religion & Spirituality section, and in Christian bookshops.

Catholic cathedrals in many major cities have shops in or adjacent to them that sell rosaries etc. and there are independent Catholic shops. I'm not sure about Essex, but you can certainly pick some up in London somewhere.


Thank You All

For your support and advice, it means a lot to me to know that you are here with me supporting me and that I can always come here to ask questions if I dont understand something.

You are all wonderful people.

Thank you

God Bless You



[quote="Sammie_Lenoir, post:7, topic:199644"]
Thank You All

For your support and advice, it means a lot to me to know that you are here with me supporting me and that I can always come here to ask questions if I dont understand something.

You are all wonderful people.

Thank you

God Bless You



I hope the best for you. I need to add that rosaries are freely given. People make rosaries and these rosaries are often left around the Church worship space. You can tell that they are handmade. The Missions have sent us at least a rosary per year ... I have a beautiful red crystal one with JPII medals .... a real favorite! Some of these rosaries may be brought to church, and left for someone else to use. You can usually tell a lost rosary from a gift, as the mission rosary is often attached to a card. Rosaries are prayed aloud, and, one only needs to pray the second part. How to pray the rosary pamphlets are found at church, and online; when its prayed aloud before Mass sometimes, at the funeral home, at Holy Hour, before a funeral, all you pray is the last part of each prayer! Very nice experince of praying the rosary, with few or many other parishioners. You can be a *member *of a Parish, prior to becoming a Catholic!!!!


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