Changing one's gender

On the issue of homosexuality and surgically changing the body one is born with, to either male or female, as well as taking hormones to assist the surgical procedures, seems to me to be an insult to God. How does one relate to these occurances, as well as to transgender people, who have evidently suffered because of the body/mental issues they have dealt with in their later years? How morally wrong is this? I would appreciate any comments to this condition. Also, are homosexuals who live the lifestyle, in peril of losing their souls? St Paul spoke clearly about this, but I cannot find any mention in Scpriptue that Jesus ever mentioned it.
Thanks for your input. This has bothered me for a long time. I have relatives you have this “condition”.

Changing one’s gender, is I believe, a grave sin. However, I think there is a difference between “changing one’s gender” and reconstructing the body to reflect what it really should be. An example of the latter might be if a hermaphrodite were made to appear solely female when in fact the chemistry of the body said he was in fact male.

Living the homosexual lifestyle is intrinsically disordered and a grave sin. Jesus did not speak of it directly, except to mention Adam and Eve.

Christian doctrine establishes, and the light of human reason makes it most clear, that private individuals have no other power over the members of their bodies than that which pertains to their natural ends; and they are not free to destroy or mutilate their members, or in any other way render themselves unfit for their natural functions, except when no other provision can be made for the good of the whole body.
The context is that you are not free to mutilate yourself unless that is the only way to preserve the functioning of the whole body. For example, you are not free to surgically remove your penis unless doing so is necessary to save your life (e.g., if it was cancerous).

This is a good answer. It should be noted that no one can ever change their sex. All they can do is surgically mutilate themselves to appear as a different sex. You can’t change your sex any more than you can change butter into an animal. Sure, you can carve butter to look like an animal, but it will never be an animal no matter how hard you try.

Agreed, it is an offense and an outrage. Underlying it is also a profound cross to bear - the persistent feeling that one’s body is somehow ‘wrong’.

Technically, changing one’s gender (at least according to the law in states where gender changes are recognized) does not require surgery or mutilation. If one lives a chaste life - appearing as the opposite gender without engaging in the sexual behavior of the opposite gender - yes, that’s a sin (Leviticus? Deuteronomy?) but I’d think of a substantially lesser degree than mutilation. Note also that surgery for the purpose of enhancing one’s sexual characteristics is also mutilation and I think would be verboten by Scripture and Tradition.

With love and compassion, but correctness. If you work with an LGBT individual, treat them as you’d treat others, though if for some reason it comes up that they ask for your opinion or approval of their lifestyle choices, you have to be honest. Same with a hetero couple who is living in sin. I wouldn’t just state “Hey, you’re obviously a man dressed as a woman. That’s wrong.” out of decorum, out of professional treatment rules, and also because it won’t help them to understand your opposition.

Yes, sex outside of marriage is always grave matter and, with few exceptions, mortal sin. All people are called to chastity - for married couples this means sex for unity and procreation. For the unmarried, it means complete abstinence. This is not a rule skewed against homosexuals, though it is one that certainly condemns conforming to the highly sexualized society in which we live.

I don’t like applying the “Paul said, but Jesus didn’t” rule as any sort of paradigm. I just don’t think it can reasonably hold. Paul makes one notable exception where this rule would apply (1 Cor 7:12, relating to divorce), but even so it strikes me that the weight of Scripture would prohibit divorce in all but special cases, and with Paul’s rule expanding upon Jesus’ condemnation of divorce rather than contradicting it.

I know quite a number as well. I think we all do.

Transgender people aren’t necessarily homosexual. I know a Female to Male Transgender who is attracted only to men.

I knew a guy once who swore up and down that he was a lesbian trapped in a man’s body. I also remember when I told my husband about that guy - he assured me that all men feel that way! I just about died laughing!

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