Changing readings for Mass?

At Mass today the reading wasn’t “Today’s Reading”, but instead readings in honor of St. Joseph (Genesis & Matthew).

Did all parishes switch today?
Is it possible to know about changes like this in advance?
Is there a resource with the alternative readings?

I like to read in advance to prepare for Mass and was all turned around today.

On many (most?) weekdays, priests have the choice of doing the regular readings for the weekday (the ones you were expecting) or the readings for the saint of the day, if the parish or priest has a special devotion to that saint.

There are a few saints whose feasts are “important” enough that celebrating their feast is obligatory (e.g., some of the apostles, certain feasts of the Blessed Virgin Mary, etc.).

Others, like today’s memorial of St. Joseph the Worker, are optional. (His March 19 feast is obligatory, I think.)

Most booklets, in order to save space, don’t print both sets of readings, but often they give the Scripture references to the alternate readings in the fine print. You might want to check yours and look the readings up in your Bible.

Yes, in this case it is allowed. Today is an Optional Memorial for St. Joseph the Worker.
The Solemnity of St. Joseph, March 19, has different readings :wink:

Is there a website with alternative readings? Where did our priest find the readings for today?

I subscribe to the “Magnificat” and use it when I attend Mass and also when I follow the “Daily Mass” on EWTN.:gopray:

Today both options were printed in my booklet. EWTN choose to use the Mass for the Memorial of St. Joseph the Worker and I had all the readings to correspond.:highprayer::harp:

He found them in the Lectionary, the book that has the Mass readings.

The Lectionary has readings for specific dates “May 1”, along with the ones for generic days such as “Friday in the 3rd week of Easter”. The priest would have seen in the ORDO that he could use one or the other.

I found the website helpful, I will use it to read tomorrow’s readings in advance. :slight_smile:

Bear in mind that for some Memorials, the Gospel that corresponds to them is obligatory, such as those for St. Mary Magdalene, St. Martha and others. Now, in one of the Missallettes, I don’t remember which one, it was stated that the Gospel for St. Joseph the Worker was obligatory. Our parish went with the readings for the Memorial.

In our diocese, as in the universal calendar, the May 1 celebration of St Joseph the Worker is an optional memorial; so may be omitted entirely. In some dioceses, parishes, orders etc it may be a feast of higher order and possibly obligatory. This depends on the local [church] calendar.

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