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Hi Everyone,

This is a very light hearted question. My fiancé would really like me to try a different hair color, preferably black. Now I don’t mind. He is really into it and I just don’t care one way or another so why not give him a thrill? The thing is, I don’t want to permanently alter my hair and be locked into coloring it forever. You know the cycle. The hair grows out and then you have to dye it again or cut it or something. Thus, I would like to use a temporary color. I was looking into the Herbal Essence Color Flirt (I hate that name) and that product looks like just the thing.

So the question… Has anyone out there tried this product and if so what did you think about it?

P.S. I hope this is ok in this forum… I think it kinda fits.:hmmm:


I haven’t tried that one, but I was just going to ask. What color is your natural hair color? If black is way darker than your natural hair color, it will not fade out and you’ll have that problem of being locked into dying it. I dyed my daughter’s hair black one time with something that was supposed to wash out in 3 to 4 weeks, but it turned out to be really permanent on her hair because her natural hair was light brown almost blonde.

I’ve been dying my hair since summer and have had good luck though. I have dark brown hair and have been using Garnier Nutrisse in the black cherry color. When it is first dyed it looks almost black but in the sun it is sort of a reddish purplish color. Then after a couple of weeks it fades a bit and is just sort of a deep burgundy and since it fades there is no big noticeable line when the roots are my natural color.

The other thing I really like about the Garnier Nutrisse is that it leaves your hair amazingly soft and silky and smelling nice because of all of the fruit oils they use. I now dye my daughter’s hair with the Ultra Light Natural blonde and she has the same results of soft and silky hair.

I’ve been happy with the results of doing it myself too. Just put a lot of effort in the line of hair around your face. That is sort of the critical area, then the rest is pretty easy. It is inexpensive and it is really a lot of fun to try a different color. I think you’ll like it.


It really depends on what color your hair is right now. Like dulcissima said, don’t expect the results to be temporary if you’re a natural blonde!

But that said … it really doesn’t bother you that your fiance wants to change your hair?


Go for it!
Why not! Color your hair and allow him to mess around with a different woman and not cheat on his fiance’/intended!

What’ll happen when he gets tired of the size of your boobs? Go under the knife and get 'em pumped up a few cups worth?

(Goofy '60’s robot waving arms saying "Danger Will Robinson, Danger, Danger)


Get a cute black WIG, black is a color you cannot get out of your hair (even if you are a brunette, black just does not go away).

I do agree, the idea that your fiancee wants you to make a hair color change is a bit odd. I’ve had every hair color known to MANKIND - and every one was because I wanted to color my hair that color - occasionally a stylist wound reccomend a change - my husband (nor any of my boyfriends before him) never have wanted me to change my hair color.

Just be careful that he is not overly concerned about your looks. If he is only in love with the package -what happens when that body changes (we all age, women’s bodies age in interesting ways - are changed by motherhood - and it should never change the way our spouse loves us). What happens if there is an illness or accident that changes your appearance - that makes you un-pretty…

Just be careful. Ask him why he wants you to have black hair… and if it is just a fun thing - get a wig.


I too would reconsider this request of your boyfriend. I think it is extremely odd. He’s not saying “gee, I liked your hair better when it was long…” or something along the lines of a preference between two ways you had done your hair.

He’s asking you to color your hair for his preference and whim-- and as another poster mentioned, that is out of line. It also points to an underlying issue. Why is he not accepting you as you are? What is his motivation to dye your hair?

Why is he “into it”. What, exactly, is it that he’s “in to” that he would want you to do this?


Thank you all for your concern. I am glad for the story about the black. I think I will skip that and try a brown. At the moment I am a medium brown with a healthy splash of gray. Even though I’m only 25, I’m going gray fast. With any luck though, I’ll turn that nice snow-white just like my grandma. The way things are going I should be 35 with a complete head of white hair but if I keep my skin well and stay out of the sun I think I might look like a super-hero. Think Storm from the X-Men. That would be cool.

As for everyone’s concern about “How dare he want to change you!” Relax! It’s not a big deal. As a matter of fact, my DF has been my hair stylist for the last 3 years. He’s a photographer by profession but he has gotten very good with the scissors. Essentially, when he cuts my hair he asks me how I would like it and I tell him to do what he wants, just don’t cut my bangs too short. It always turns out great and I am very happy with it but for the most part I just don’t care and just can’t be bothered. So the hair color is something temporary. It’s just for fun. We’re playing around. It is very, very low in the priority list but I know he love to see it so, why not! There are no self-esteem or value issues at play. He thinks I am the most beautiful woman in the world and he says so often. At the same time, I admire his taste which is very good. He is the artist type and has a very good eye for these things. I always take him with me when I go clothes shopping. I tell him what type of thing I’m looking for and then set him loose in Kohl’s. At the end of the day I look great with none of the work.

So thanks every one and relax, it’s just for fun. Nothing permanent.:thumbsup:


If YOU are interested in doing it, go for it. I recently went with blond highlights and I love it! And, as a side note, so does my hubby.


He’s a hair stylist? Well, that all makes sense. Practically everybody with a stylist has got a stylist making suggestions, even if the stylist doesn’t do hair for a living.

If he’s willing to color you the whole road back to whatever shade you want to get back to, I’d let him do just about anything once…but only if he knows what he’s doing when it comes to color. If he’s not done hair coloring, and only has an eye for the artistic side, get your advice and work done by someone who who has that.


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