Changing volumes in Liturgy of the Hours

Today - Ash Wednesday - we changed from volume 3 to 2 in the LOH. I have prayed the LOH for a few years now, often with aids like the St Joe’s guide or the one offered at but less and less now.

However, I got thrown because I wasn’t using any aids lately and realized late in the day today I needed to be on volume 2 and had to figure that out for myself. I don’t have the St Joe’s guide for this year (weaning myself off it) and the stfrancis site didn’t indicate a volume change. I knew something was up when the I couldn’t find anything in vol. 3 about Ash Wednesday and while I couldn’t say at that point for certain, it just felt wrong and I felt like there should be something in the proper for Ash Wednesday.

I looked in the GILH and nothing about this. Where does one go to learn when a volume change is coming up? Or is that in the St Joe’s guide and its too early to wean myself off it?

Of course once I looked at the spine and read “Lenten Season and Easter Season” it was like, “duh!”, But still I only started looking after I realized I wasn’t where I needed to be. I’d rather not change volumes due to confusion…

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