Channel 4's "The Joy Of Teen Sex"

God help us all :frowning:


“A bold, informative look at the love lives and sex lives of teenagers that tells it like it really is, and is definitely not just for teens”

Episode 1

"A frank and sometimes shocking look at the real world of teenage sex, complete with fears, frights and fun. Ruth and Dr Rachael meet a mother and daughter at loggerheads because the daughter refuses to go on the pill.

Seventeen-year-old Rachel fell pregnant by accident last year and her mum Michelle is at a loss trying to get her daughter to protect herself from another unwanted pregnancy. While Ruth helps the pair to communicate better, can Dr Rachael find a suitable method of contraception for the teenager?

Ruth also meets 20-year-old Calvin from Liverpool. Calvin is gay and works as a drag queen on the club scene, but he’s yet to have a sexual partner and is scared to lose his virginity. Sex coach Joanna gives him some helpful advice on foreplay to get him more accustomed to the idea of anal sex.

Next into the clinic is Holly, 20, who takes the contraceptive pill but rarely uses condoms because she doesn’t think the kind of guy she sleeps with would carry sexually transmitted infections - even though the fastest growing STI, chlamydia, has no visible symptoms. But Holly is shocked when Dr Rachael presents her with some cold hard facts about STIs.

Also looking for sex advice are 17-year-old lesbian Kim, keen to learn some more tricks for girls; sportsman Genna, 18, who is worried his sperm isn’t normal; and 20-year-old Robyn who asks Ruth for help to make her boyfriend’s semen more palatable!"

It breaks my heart and angers me :mad:

Are you kidding me? 17 years old and giving her sexual advice?

What is the world coming to?

I’m speechless…

The attitude taken to sex in the UK nowadays is sad. I fell into that way of thinking for a while but luckily I had my Catholic faith to remind me of true sexual morals. It makes me sad that sex is so meaningless nowadays.

these adults should be tried for child abuse.

My heart breaks for these children who are so broken and those adults who should be in charge are only adding to their pain.

Channel 4 had another program on about year ago, sex education in schools, teaching teenagers about masturbation etc. I cried when I heard that program was on.

Are you kidding me? 17 years old and giving her sexual advice?

And if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a large millstone tied around his neck.

While I agree it’s prurient and worrying you should be aware the legal age of consent is 16 and not 18 as in much of the US.

Oh, I was aware. Thanks!

Not the lowest in Europe by the way, Spain has one of the lowest ages for that, as 13 is the legal age of consent there. Not that historically till recently this would have been unusual.

Unfortunately the UK has serious issues with births outside marriage and teenage sex. As exemplified in the idiotic phrase ‘fell pregnant by accident’ that the OP has quoted from what I presume is Channel 4’s blurb for the show.

“By accident…”?

You know, if the girl of my dreams were to suddenly turn her head around and find her lips touching mine, that would be an accident.

Could someone rationally explain to me how someone could have sex in a similar manner, and please, make sure it’s within the actual bounds of physics. =_=’’’

It sounds like the name of a porn site with an “18 and 19 year old actresses” theme.

An inportant link that has some basic statistics about teenage sexual actitity from the Center for Disease Control.

I cringed when I saw this program advertised. I thought it was disgusting actually. Whatever happened to teaching teenagers about how sex is something really important, and not something you should ever take lightly?

I’m 20. When I was a teenager, just as much emphasis was placed on sex being something really important and special as well as the usual talk about contraception, and “the talk” from my parents. This certainly is presenting sex as something which is expected of teenagers and is fun. Whatever happened to a balanced view of teenage sex?

I also think that it does sound like the title of a porn film, and the advert certainly suggests it might be.

Perhaps the only way to save the next generation, or the existing generations, is to eliminate TV from infancy to adulthood.

Satan is very crafty. Even if we eliminate T.V. he will inevitably think of other ways to ensnare us.

Sin will always be everywhere. It’s been like that since ancient times. What else is new? -.-

Yup, welcome to Britain. This is the kind of sick filth we get on TV (especially Ch 4) all the time.

Exactly. Sin has been and will always be with us. But porn hasn’t always been piped directly into our homes and into our children’s rooms. It is like having a public water supply that pipes in good water along with an abundance of poison. If I had small children in the home I would seriously consider getting rid of every TV in the house.

But then most televisions allow you to lock channels, and removing TV because of a few bad eggs is like cutting off your nose to spite your face. I would never get rid of the TV just because I didn’t like the programming, just not watch those programs and put a parental lock on each channel. My parents had parental locks on some channels when I was a kid.

I think I use my telly more to watch DVDs and play games on then anything else. I use iplayer and some similar services using a PS3 or the PC and pick what I want to watch that way when I do watch anything at all.

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