Channel 4's "The Joy Of Teen Sex"

I’m pretty sure the Greeks had it worse. Look at their plays and their mythology.

That may be. And porn was quite abundant in ancient Rome as well. But every household in ancient Greece didn’t have a machine to import it directly into the house.

If it were possible to select only the cable channels I want, I might feel differently about it. But you have to select from pre-packaged tiers. It’s as though a magazine service said, “OK, for a set fee, we’ll mail you Reader’s Digest, Catholic Digest, This Rock, People, Hustler, and Playboy. You have to take the whole package; just toss out the ones you don’t like when they arrive.” But I don’t want to have to sort through the garbage to find the good stuff. I don’t even want some of those having access to my home. It’s sort of like leaving a loaded gun on the end table.

That’s because I believe people went out more.
Children included (though in that case, not the best thing there is it?)

Well unfortunately I come from an entire sub-culture that is like your package. The way I see it? It’s no different from just living on this planet. You will always have to get your hands dirty separating trash from the treasure (in my case, the treasure is art but that’s another conversation).

If we didn’t have to, we’d be in Paradise. :shrug:

It may no longer be a sub-culture. The package is now the culture. As a loan servicer once I used to be rather astonished that cable TV was listed by people along with their utilities as a necessity.

But TV has come a long way in its short life. If all the moms and dads who went out and bought their first b&w TV in the 1950’s could have been shown the future, they likely would have banned the machine from their homes permanently.

Is there any way anymore to actually protect children’s innocence? I hope so, but I can’t think of many that don’t involve a near wholesale rejection of the surrounding culture.

Unless of course you didn’t skip over the other devices such as DVD players, gaming consoles, video cams, even good 'ol VHS. Perhaps cable TV may have been a better thing to warn about but meh. :shrug:

You could just prepare them you know. I mean, it’s not like mankind hasn’t been any sweeter. Even the medieval times had their share of things you wouldn’t want to show kids.

Well yes. But children do, and should, have a sexual latency period, in which they can just be children. To a large extent, that has been taken away from them by this culture. They are being sexualized–for the benefit of adults–at earlier and earlier ages. Today’s pedophiles may tomorrow just be called pioneers.

And I don’t believe that every age or every civilization, is equally evil. Some are better than others.

Maybe I did spend my childhood in a utopia, but I was never exposed to porn, or even soft porn, in grade school, middle school, or high school. Can such a statement even be made anymore? If not, we’ve given our children a mess of pottage and called it technology.

Yes well sad that may be, I come from a generation exposed to media that taught children to be immature, adult/teen hating brats. Is that any better? Hardly. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh my my…

I have no idea how many of my peers were sexually active in high school and that was 20 something years ago. I do remember a few girls did become pregnant during my high school years - many years ago.

Now it seems like so many teens have a casual attitude towards sex & have no idea of the all of the consequences.

I have so many girlfriends who are unhappy with the way and the time she lost her virginity and tv programmes like The Joy of Teen Sex to name but a few (dont even get me started on Sex in the City) are just one of the many reasons why. They were pressurised into having sex when they just werent ready, which is utterly soul destroying for a girl (and of course boys too), and society doesnt seem to realise (or just doesnt WANT to realise) that they are encouraging boys to pressure girls into sleeping with them because they are being led to believe that something is wrong with them if they choose not to have sex. Its the same as handing out condoms and the pill to 13 year olds. Its basically saying, ‘never mind if you’re still only a child and get your heart broken or loose your sense of self worth and self respect or allow a boy to use you and pressurise you and to have no respect for your feelings or your body as long as you “protect” yourself.’ I was never in that position in school. I was an angry little Goth and I made sure all the creeps stayed away from me by protecting myself with ‘dont-mess-with-me’ persona and thus I was never used or pressurised into doing things I didnt want to, but unfortunately most other girls werent as lucky because they wanted to be accepted by mainstreem culture and sadly mainstreem culture demands, as we see in these programmes, that if you want to be considered ‘normal’ you must have sex left right and centre with whoever wherever. I was always proud not to be ‘normal’ as a teenager but I know its not as simple as that for most teenagers and that is how they are prayed upon.

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