- Would it be okay to buy their CDs?

Praised be Jesus Christ!

I am a Roman Catholic, who loves Gregorian Chant - but is absolutely in no way in favor of the SSPX or other traditionalist sects that do not accept the Second Vatican Council, etc.

I am wondering what others think here - could a faithful Catholic buy the CDs at in good conscience? They are sung by seminarians at an SSPX seminary in MN. They are not being sold by them directly - but I believe they may receive some profit. They are not very expensive however.

I am very interested in learning and becoming more familar with Gregorian Chant. There are so many beautiful hymns/antiphons, etc that I have never heard before. The chant Compendium CDs at have a lot of different tracts on them. The organ in the background is also beautiful.

I have several chant cds from Benedictine monks & nuns which I love. I am interested in listening to some with the organ accompaniment also however.

In addition, I am discerning religious life, and am seriously considering a few places that have the full revised Roman Rite Office in Latin with Gregorian Chant, or a couple (in union with Rome) that have the Tridentine Rite. Several of the places have the chant accompanied by organ - which I also may need to learn. So I would really like to become more and more familar with this music.

I have searched for music offered by the FSSP, and they have a few, but mostly just for special times of the year, like Advent or Holy Thursday. The Institute of Christ the King has one also of a couple Masses of Our Lady. I have all the CDs the Clear Creek, OK Benedictines have on their site, sung by the monks at their Motherhouse in France - which are incredible!!

But anyway, I am debating on whether or not I can buy these CDs in good conscience. There is absolutley NO WAY I would ever join the SSPX or any disobedient traditionalist sect - NO WAY.

On a side note though, one negative thing I just noticed about the site, is that the forum on it is filled with disobedient/traditionalist discussions … :frowning:

But the chant on these CDs sung by SSPX seminarians is beautiful, and could help me a lot in becoming more familar with all the different pieces - hymns/antiphons, etc.

For instance, here’s a Godtube clip of them singing, Salve Festa Dies. I had never heard of this hymn, before I ran into this clip. It is beautiful! And looking up the lyrics in English - wow! What a deep and incredible piece! And I learned, it is a special hymn of the Church sung at Easter.

I could make a special point to pray for the SSPX when, and before or after, I listen to their music.

I was just thinking - it is not like the music originates from them. It is the Church’s music - inspired and created many centuries ago in union with Magisterium and the Holy Father and bishops and everything. It is seems unfair really, that they can almost claim this music as their own if that makes any sense - or that I can’t find CDs like this with so many tracts, and with the organ accompaniment from communities/orders/seminaries in union with Rome.

I was also thinking - a lot of the sacred music I have isn’t necessarily sung by the most orthodox people. The same goes for actors and actresses in some of our favorite Catholic movies.

It is never good to compare to negatives however - but again, anyway - what do you guys think? Would it be okay to buy chant sung by the SSPX or not?

I don’t know about buying, but I listen to several pieces of chant sung by the SSPX (which I got free) every day. The Angelus, Litany of the BVM and several hymns. I don’t view my listening to it as an endorsement of their positions.

I don’t think Catholics are obligated to avoid SSPX goods. If somebody has a different view I’d like to hear it. Actually, I’d like to hear Jimmy Akin’s view on the question as well.

Regarding chant with organ, also look into the monks of Fontgombault, who use organ in their chant recordings.

Thanks for the replies!

Yeah I’ve learned of many traditional hymns by listening to the midi files from this site too: which I believe was put up by an SSPX priest.

I’ve also noticed the ones pinned at the top of this board.

Yes, I would really like to hear what Jimmy Akin has to say about this.

Ah yes, and thanks for reminding me about the organ in the Fontgombault chant recordings. They are the Motherhouse of the Clear Creek Benedictines - who have several of their CDs available on their site: They are incredible!! Probably the best Gregorian chant I’ve ever heard! Much better than the ones at

I’m interested in the ones at however, to hear and become familar with more and more pieces.

Yeah, regarding avoiding all SSPX products, I know the Society of St. John Cantius (completely in union with Rome) sells an Angelus Press (SSPX Publishing house) Missal on their site.

On a side note - my apologies for the grammar/spelling errors in the first post :wink:

It is never good to compare to negatives however

I meant, it is never good to compare negatives.

I’d try here first.

Go ahead. Those chants are excellent :smiley:

Perhaps, you should post your question in the Ask an Apologist forum.

Someone already did and recived a ridiculous answer back. I’d buy a CD from them. In fact, I’ve already purchased four.

On one hand, I would not want to offer material support to shism and disobedience by such a purchase On the other, if we stop listening to the music of people we don’t agree with, then lots of the great masters would have have to be avoided, for personal profligacy if nothing else. Handel was a Lutheran. Mozart was a party boy.

Ask an apologist.

I don’t see this as a problem at all.

I’ve purchased meals and other items from Presbyterian and Orthodox churches, clothes and other goods from the Salvation Army, etc., over the years. If someone enjoyed the gospel singing of Jimmy Swaggert, I wouldn’t see a problem with listening to his CDs either.

I don’t think there is any obligation to maintain doctrinal purity in commercial transactions, but then someone else may have a different opinion.

Why post a query to the AAA forum if you know there’s a chance you’re not going to get the response you’d like?:shrug: Tried to find you query but it must’ve been before the crash I guess.

I avoid supporting them if at all possible. That said, if there were no other options for something that is not contradictory to the Magisterium (which of course chant is not) then it would be fine. However, I’m pretty sure there are other outlets.

So what is the original poster asking: will listening to CD’s lead to the listener adopting the juridical standing of the singers? If so, does this mean I need to ditch all of my Russian Orthodox chant before I reject the authority of the Pope and Church teaching on the Holy Trinity?

Like Clear Creek Monastery in Oklahoma. I think they sell their CD’s. And that house is a daughter to Fontgombault Abbey in France. I should think if anyone knew chant, it’d be them.

I think the question is more of should one support the SSPX by buying these CDs not whether or not listening to the CDs would bring one to disobedience.

I would not support the SSPX by buying their CD’s. If people didn’t buy their CD’s and hymnals and missals and other materials, they wouldn’t have money to build their chapels. There are many good recordings of chant that have been produced by Catholics in good standing with the Church.

What is their website?

Hey, thanks for all the replies again!

Yeah, I have all the CDs put out by Clear Creek sung by the monks at Fontgombault - 4 or 5 I believe. They are the best!!

Earlier in the thread is the link to their site.

My major question was - could a Catholic in good standing by one of these CDs from - as some of the profit goes to the SSPX (though also to the guy who used to be in their seminary who recorded them and created the site, etc)

I’m interested in the CDs, as there’s a wide variety of different tracts that I would like to become more and more familar with - and with the organ accompaniment.

Yeah, I mean the best thing would be to buy it from communities in good standing, which I have a lot of. But again, I was interested in these to become familar with more of it that is not on the CDs I already have, or some of the others out there (there’s so much Gregorian chant out there!) - and I can’t seem to find anything like the chant Compendium CDs offered by obedient communities.

It’d be great if the FSSP could record something like this, so we could by it from them.

I know if these were on the SSPX site, and sold directly by them, I would not buy them. But as they are sold from a secondary person who recorded them himself, and receives some of the profit - I’m not as worried. But I wanted to see what others think.

Yeah, Ceasar, I noticed your great thread pinned above with different chant files :slight_smile: , and your statement regarding SSPX resources.

When in doubt, ask your spiritual director. It would seem to me that if you could not find a similar product elsewhere (again, maybe here: ) that it would probably be OK. Then again, it may be a product you could do without. If something close could be found elsewhere then I wouldn’t buy it. You seem to have a problem with the the fact that the money might go to the SSPX so you may have already answered your own question.

Our bishop does not want us to buy anything from Angelus Press or any other SSPX or sede site. You could ask your spiritual director or pastor what he thinks.

In googling the address of the business associated with ChantCD, I came across this:

That nasty remark about OU (NO) Masses would make me leery of giving this business dime one. However, I think this one is like shopping at the Salvation Army Thrift Store- It’s a merchandise thing.

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