Chanting the Eucharistic Prayer

Does anyone know if there is a tradition in Judaism that the blessings at the Last Supper might have been sung by Jesus? It just sort of occurred to me a few weeks ago when our new Priest chanted the Eucharistic Prayer. He does every week, and I find it to be wonderful. Then I wondered, because I think there are a number of Jewish rituals that involve singing and that the Psalms were regularly sung that maybe, just maybe, Jesus sang the Institution to the Apostles. If I’m mistaken, it’s still a nice thought, I’d just like to know.

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I once had the privaledge of attending Passover celebration with some of my Jewish friends. They did chant the blessings over the meal and things of that nature. I had asked them if blessings were sung over all meals. They said that it was in their tradition to chant blessings and what not. This particular father of my friends family said that they had always chanted the prayers for as long as they could remember. They did sing the Psalms frequently too.

It is a nice thought. The Creator of Music singing the institution. Hmmm. I bet Jesus can sing really nicely and I bet His Mother could sing as well.

Little One0307

Are you kidding?!?! You can not imagine how lucky you are. I have heard part of the EP sung once. That’s it.

I heard the E.P. chanted in the Cathedral in Spokane a few years ago. Sorry I cannot remember the name of the priest, somewhat young. He had a beautiful voice, but did not “show off” or put on a “performance” in any way. It sounded so perfectly normal and natural, as if the E.P should ALWAYS be chanted. It focuses your attention on the prayer even more than usual. If a priest has the ability to chant, this is a wonderful gift to bring to the Mass.

Our priest has been chanting the EP on Sunday & HD’s for close to 2 years.:thumbsup:

The Gospels do not seem to imply the words were sung or chanted. I’ve never seen any English translation that says anything other than He “said”. I don’t know Greek, but I have never heard any Bible scholar say the words of Institution were sung or chanted. As for the Psalms and other prayers or blessings, yes, but the Institution of the Eucharist is not any of these. It’s a whole new thing. However, it could be that Jesus sang the blessings over the bread or wine before He said the words of Institution.

Thanks for your replies. TheMC, you better believe I know I’m blessed. I’ve also heard the Gospel chanted at a Papal Mass, at the Solemnity of Mary, 2010.

CB Catholic, that’s pretty much what I thought too, but on the off chance that the Greek in the Gospel passages might imply chanting or singing…I wanted to ask.

God Bless you all for writing back.


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