"Chanting" the schedule of moveable feasts for the upcomingg liturgical yearr


Pax Christi!

Today at Mass the deacon “chanted” or sang the schedule of moveable feasts, starting with Ash Wednesday and continuing through Advent and Christmas. He did this right after proclaiming the Gospel.

Has anyone else experienced this? It seemed very old-fashioned, a throwback to when there was little printed material, and almost no media as we know it: calenders and almanacs and such were rare.

Just thought I’d throw this out there.

God bless.


I attended Mass last night, and the music director read it. I attended Mass again this morning as an altar server, and our pastor told him that it didn’t add anything to the Mass, so he didn’t do it this morning, which is a shame.

The Epiphany Proclamation is a very beautiful work in the Church.


The USCCB has info about this – see usccb.org/prayer-and-worship/liturgical-year/christmas/announcement-of-easter-and-the-moveable-feasts.cfm

And you’re right, it dates from a time when people couldn’t look at their phones to pick up the dates of various holy days. I think it’s a nice connection with the past even if it doesn’t have a practical purpose today.

Something else I enjoy is hearing the Christmas Proclamation. It’s something different and I think something different at Mass can get us to pay more attention sometimes.


Oh I LOVE the Christmas Proclamation.
I wish we heard it more.


I experienced this for the first time today! My choir director chanted it right before the homily since neither our Vicar or Deacon are comfortable with chant. It was SO COOL!

At Midnight Mass this year my Pastor chanted right before the Processional. Was that the Christmas Proclamation? It was so beautiful.:gopray2::yyeess:




Yes, it originates in a time when a person couldn’t just Google the date of Easter. Yet, to my mind, it’s more than just a way to mark our calendars. Rather, it’s a way to connect the seasons of the liturgical calendar. We’ve just come out of the Octave of Christmas, and are in the home stretch of the Christmas season. Soon enough, we’ll be in Ordinary Time.

So, this announcement of the movable feasts serves to put us on notice: do we think that Christmas stands on its own? Do we think that our time of celebration is coming to an end? No, not in the least: Christmas is Christmas only because of Easter; and our celebration these past weeks is only a foreshadowing of the celebration we’ll experience when we commemorate Christ’s Resurrection… :slight_smile:


Hello svid.

How I wish these lovely rubrics were followed where I am at. The only upcoming events mentioned for us was a belated Christmas concert and next year’s Eagles season. :frowning:



I hear ya…

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