Chaos Erupts as GOP Tries to Restore Order Amid Raucous Democratic Gun Control Sit-In


The Democrats seem to be acting like children.


Next thing you know, they’ll be reading Dr. Seuss on the senate floor! Wait, that was Cruz…


The Democrats want a vote on reasonable gun control. Why do the Republican gun lovers want to deny them their right to vote? Haven’t there been enough children murdered by guns already?


Good One


I think this might be good for Congress as a whole. They have consistently given up their power over the last fifty years to the other branches of the government, rubber stamping the President’s initiatives but certainly never taking the lead on new legislation on their own. Maybe a good fight to actually vote up or down on legislation and/or working together to come up with a (GASP) compromise will remind every Congressman that they have a job to do.


Define “reasonable.” Your utter bias is showing. More and more laws that infringe only on the law abiding is the feel-good “solution” for those who have “do something” disease. Bad law is not the solution to a national spiritual problem. Never mind a gun! Why is it so easy to find murderers? They are everywhere from middle schools to US military bases! Murderers! Anyone ever ponder that?

The worry is about inanimate objects, rather than murderers. Pretzel logic.


What good is compromise when freedom is reduced? When the constitution is disregarded? You want guns collected? Change the constitution! Until then, focus on the real problem: murderers.


At some point, ideologues must act like children. They are captives of their ideology. From the 1960s student “sit-ins” to the “occupy Wall Street” movement, the ideologues had to employ immaturity in their attempt to gain something - like children in their terrible twos.

Each and every gun law passed since the gangster days has been intended to reduce crime. And each time, freedom paid the price and crime increased. Is it not a form of insanity to repeat the same failed actions while expecting a different result?


These people holding a sit-in at this lunch counter are acting like children!


Very true. I am biased in favor of saving innocent lives. especially the lives of small innocent children who have been gunned down and murdered while attending school. IMHO, every effort should be made to stop this mindless violence. I am biased in favor of peace and I am biased in opposition to violence.


Reasonable means fair and prudent.


Yes it is. That is why Americans need to protect themselves against the failed actions of the gun lovers and the NRA who are exposing our children to horrific murderers. The time has come to make America a safer place for children by putting in very severe background checks, to control guns and to eliminate the sales of semi-automatic weapons. Let’s do something to protect young Americans from being gunned down and killed by these weapons of murder.


They could have passed reasonable gun law…

The Republicans proposed a 72-hour delay before people on watch-lists can buy guns, to give the government an opportunity to prove, through the court system, that the purchaser is a terrorist threat; their second proposal was to redefine mental incapacity. None of the four draft laws managed to get the 60 votes required to pass.

The Democratic Party’s two proposals included a “no-fly, no-buy” draft law, which would bar anyone on terrorist watch-lists from buying a gun; the other draft law would expand background checks of gun buyers from shops to online sales and gun shows.


The good news is that as long as the democrats disrupt congress, at least it prevents congress from screwing up the economy.


I was speaking in general, but I think it is Constitutional to put limits on firearms ownership. After all, the previous assault weapons ban was never ruled unconstitutional.


This is why they are loosing, they are trying to ‘regulate’ the problem away with new laws. Im sorry but that has never worked and never will.

The proof of this can be seen with the current heroin epidemic, its been highly illegal to possess for years, tough new laws are created every year in attempts to combat it, but it has not changed anything, it is still readily available in ever city in the country, plus death and overdose rates keep climbing.

Its shocking such intelligent people cannot see the need to attack the SOURCE of the problem. The literal definition of the word insanity is ‘to do something over and over again and expect a different result’ Why can they not see this? lol


It’s certainly distressing when one reflects on the fact that this show of disruption and just plain lawless force, is by the party whose chosen future leader has said she wants us to “change our religion”. How far, one wonders, is she and her party willing to go in order to make us change?


So you would propose more mental health screening? More prisons? What would you like to see done about these murderers who have access to guns?


Then why are you targeting peaceful and non-violent NRA members and other law abiding gun owners rather than the purveyors of violent Islamic theology?


Basically the democrats took congress hostage, and attempting to force a draft already rejected because of due process which is a right reason to reject the draft. Further it wouldn’t have made any difference in Orlando and they miss the behavior issue completely while they display their own.

We might have extended to a time when you simply can’t have a rational conversation with the house democrats, they have became irrational and basically un american with this chaos. :blush:

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