chapel veil


Do I have wear a chapel veil to Latin Mass?



No, but a lot of the women do. Probably most of them. The first time I went, I didn’t wear one but I do now.


But they won’t think I am a harlot if I don’t. :smiley:


It would be nice if you did. Or even a mantilla…

It would be nice also if you fasted since midnight, or at least for 3 hours.

While it’s true that the indult mass doesn’t bind you to the old disciplines and traditions surrounding mass (like the fasting, women covering their heads)…if you are going to go into that world, that culture, it would probably be respectful to follow it’s native rules…


As one who attends the Traditional Mass, I certainly would not think you are a “harlot” for not veiling your head. However, you should research the reasons for the veil. St. Paul was quite adament about women wearing veils, as was the Holy Catholic Church for about 1,982 years (The head covering requirement was never expressly abolished, but it was not mentioned in the new 1983 code of canon law). It really is a beautiful symbol that a woman is the spouse of Christ and is under His rule and His care. I think this is a nice brief commentary on the beauty of the veil, written by a sister:


Oh, well never mind. I am not going to fast for three hours for
8a.m. mass when I have to be at work. I have a hard enough fasting for an hour for regular mass so it’s just not going to happen.:slight_smile: I just can’t find a good place to go to daily mass. :frowning:


What do men do to show humility and purity?



It is not that men are not called to be holy.
We men don’t have the privilege of being so holy that God interacts with us and creates a soul in our bodies. All we can do is provide the seed, God provides the rest and sets women aside for this holy purpose.

We have another purpose in life and that is to stand as a figure of sacrifice in life. Women stand as a symbol of purity hopefully in the image of the Virgin Mary (holy mothers) and Men hopefully stand in the image of sacrifice, and the most a man can acheive is the priesthood(fathers), in life.

We can both be pure we can both sacrifice but these are special diginities that we should each strive for.

This is one quick answer there is much more to it than that.
Women unfortunately these days are not taught to be proud to be women and men are taught to be ashamed to be men. As if each has a fullfillment in imitating the other. But we do live in a crazy society these days which doesn’t understand how to be happy and is constantly searching for ways to be happy.

God Bless


It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen a woman with a veil at Mass. Awfully reverent practice though. Easy for me to say, I’m a Guy. I recall with considerable fondness, the time that every woman at Mass wore a hat or veil.


You don’t have to fast any longer than one hour to be in acord witht he norms of the Traditional mass. Most people do fast longer but that is a matter of choice. You only have to adhere to the one hour rule.


I wear a hat, especially since I must divide my time between a NO and a TLM in Germany where few women (well, virtually none)do cover their heads. It is always appropriate for a woman to wear a hat in church, and doesn’t attract the stares that a veil does.


Honor their wives.
Mine does.


That’s wonderful, but hardly a visible sign. And besides, I think wives are supposed to honor their husbands as well :slight_smile:


Another reason is because guys would look funny in a veil.

Kinda like a lady painting in a mousetache, sorry this is the best I could think of as there is little that is distinctly male anymore.

There is plenty that is distinctly female, unless you live in San Fransisco. Then you see it all.

God Bless


What women do by covering their heads, men often do by uncovering them (although there is not always 1 to 1 correspondence). Thus men remove their hats for prayer or to show respect for women and the ordained.


This ,makes sense, but I think some fail to realize that these little social gestures and markers don’t resonate the way they use to. I can’t think of the last time I saw a man wearing a hat or taking it off to show respect.


I do think that’s part of the problem. Even though I would doff my hat for a priest and always do in church, the occasions on which I’m wearing a hat are few and far between, basically only my winter stocking cap.


But this I now realize why I am reluctant to wear it. Because it no longer conveys respect as asocial marker, it only signifies, I think in the minds of most people, that the wearer is conservative for the sake of being conservative. In other words because they are simply uncomfortable with change.



They will know we are Christians by our love, my friend.
His honor of me IS a visable sign. It is not hidden.
And his very visable actions effect my daughters as well. When he treats me well, in the open, in public, at work or at home, he projects his purity in mind and thought and humility in his covenant.

Just a question, if women wear a veil in Holy Mass what difference does it make whether a man has an equal sign? God made each gender different.


Is that what you think?
Conservative for the sake of being conservative?

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