Chapel Veils?

Hi everyone,

My cousin wants to start wearing chapel veils, and I’d like to wear one too. My question is, is it disrespectful for someone to wear a veil, but to wear jeans and sneakers?


What is your purpose for wearing a veil? Do the rest of your clothes also serve that purpose?

I have seen women in jeans and sneakers wear the veil. No, I would not say it is disrespectful. That being said, I would qualify my statement. When are you wearing the jeans and sneakers? Are you wearing them during adoration or to daily Mass?
Jeans and sneakers are now accepted daily attire. This was not so during the 1960’s and earlier when women were expected to wear a dress or skirt at all times.
As a young girl, I was taught to put something on my head, even if it was only a handkerchief, upon entering a Catholic church regardless of what I might be wearing.
Sunday is the Lord’s Day. I would suggest that you wear a dress or suit to show your respect for this holy day. In other words, dress up for Sunday Mass
Save the jeans and sneakers for weekdays even if you choose to go to Mass or spend an hour in adoration.
I liked it when I first received a chaplet. It is definitely more reverent than a handkerchief and takes the same amount of space. You can keep the veil with you at all times. I like veils better than the scarves I usually wore.

I’m not planning on wearing it to Sunday Mass, except maybe on a special occassion. Honestly, I don’t think I’m strong enough to withstand the staring and comments, because nobody in my Church has ever worn one before. But, I go to a Catholic school and we can go to adoration. I think it would be a nice offering to wear one then.


Instead of a chapel veil, I think American women should wear hats.

They’re stylish, they’re reverent, and they look cute.

But that’s this guy’s opinion.

I’m “big brained” so it’s difficult to find a hat to fit on my head. :slight_smile:


I think it’s great that you’re willing to wear a veil for adoration at your school, and if jeans are what your daily school attire is, then it would not be disrespectful at all!

Oh no. We wear plaid skirts, white blouse, sweater, and dress shoes at school.


Actually that is what American women used to wear to Mass. That was a give away that a woman was going to a Catholic versus non-Catholic service. Veils are actually a newer development.
Of course, I now live in the Bible Belt where there is a large African-American community. They all wear hats to church. Do you read the comic Curtis?
Whenever they show the British royalty at high Anglican services almost everybody wears a hat, mostly a beret.
If I do wear a hat or cap, I try to keep it simple. I have a blue-grey beret that I might wear or a plaid cap (not a baseball cap) that I picked up.
I did get a lot of compliments on the fedora I used to own. One day when I was Penny’s a woman I did not know bought it for me. I asked the Lord to bless her every time I wore it.

Even though I wore hats or scarves as a child, I am so out of the habit that I likewise feel awkward when I do wear something on my head. Partly that is because I am also a lector and EMCH. In the parish where I was first commissioned, we were told not to wear a hat when performing these functions.
Nothing was said when I wore my plaid cap to a daily Mass in my current parish and ended up reading the scripture passages. It is a brown plaid. Of course with the daily Mass, we don’t process in as we do on Sundays. I would not want anything I wear on my head to be a distraction.
I agree that it would be nice to wear a veil during adoration in which case there is no need to change out of jeans and sneakers

Yeah, I had heard American women used to wear hats. I find a hat to be more appealing for American women. The chapel veil really… as far as I know, it doesn’t have the same grounding in our society. Yes, it may go well for the Spanish, but we aren’t Spanish.

Plus, hats could be re-worn, and they’d look less out of place.

Plus, cmon. It’s a hat. Who doesn’t love hats.

I would say to wear it at Sunday mass as well. Who cares what others think? What matters more is your reverence and respect for Our Lord. If both you and your cousin attend the same church for mass, that should make things easier. If anyone asks why you are wearing a chapel veil, tell them your reasons. Who knows, you may start a trend in your church! :wink:

Trust me, I know how it feels to be the only one wearing a chapel veil in church. It is a little weird to stand out in the crowd, but once you start concentrating on the mass it goes away. You may also find that you are stronger than you think if people stare or make comments. God will be there to guide you through it.


Like I said before, it’s a major task finding a hat to fit on my head. I’m in the school band, and the biggest hat they had was too small, so they ended up having to modify one just for me so it could fit comfortably.


The only drawback to hats is that dressy hats can be pricey. Many women no longer wear hats and millinery is a fading art. I believe I spent about $50 apiece for a nice winter wool felt hat and a summer straw cloche, both fairly simple in design. I’ve seen hats that I really love which are upwards of $200. I love these hats and they are pieces I will wear for a long time, so I consider them worth the money. But a veil or scarf is a much more price-conscious option.

OP, do you crochet or knit? I’ve made myself some cute berets to go with my everyday wear. :smiley: I’ve also bought myself some pretty printed fabric kerchiefs on Etsy. PM me if you’d like the store link.

Until the woman bought me the blue-grey fedora I avoided hats. Unlike my mother, I always had trouble finding one that looked good on me. I have to avoid anything that has a crown that is too high. Before paying for the hat, the woman took time to show me how to wear it. I did receive compliments where ever I went.

I used to want my husband to wear a hat as well–obviously not in church. He wouldn’t let me buy him one though. He considered it to be a personal decision. I wanted to buy him one of those Russian hats when we lived in WI. where it is really cold.

I have the opposite problem. I have to wear a small, 22 in woman’s sizes or 6 &3/4 in men’s sizes. I served time in the military so I had to know the men’s size as well.

Hats can definitely be pricey. Even though I know how to crochet, I always have trouble making hats. I tend to make them too small.

I agree with this. I just started wearing a chapel veil to my NO parish, and I’m definitely the only one. It took guts the first time, but after that it’s no big deal. I just ignore everyone else, and eventually they’ll get use to it. I say give it a shot! You never know, we could start a revolution. :nunchuk:

ETA: Since you said you are in school, I assume you’re fairly young. Just wanted to add that I’m 25. No offense to any other posters, but sometimes us “young adults” need to know that others our age are on the same page.

then it sounds like you would be wearing it with a skirt anyway?
Anyway, in a dress or in jeans, wear it ! wear it ! wear it ! I want to see them come back ! :smiley:

Well, all during my childhood I attended a very low-church Episcopalian church and every woman there wore something on her head, including kleenex:rolleyes:. In a large proportion of pentacostal-type protestant churches women still wear something on their heads at church, along with nice clothing.

Jeanne - I really think that jeans are not appropriate attire for Sunday Mass (unless, of course, the person can’t afford anything better, however even in Harlem people go to church in “good” clothes!). For daily Mass or Adoration, jeans are fine tho’, and a kerchief from K-mart or a crocheted beret from Target (I got one there for $10) would go fine with them or certainly with your school skirt.

Well, Our Church is on a college campus, and they sort of allow jeans and sneakers, because the whole mission is to get students going to Mass instead of hitting the bars on the weekends. I usually wear jeans, a nice top, and flats mainly because I’m a children’s liturgy helper and also because I have to go to confirmation class before.


From the days when mastadons roamed the earth (ie pre-conciliar times) this male recalls women normally wearing hats in church. Whether a dressy hat or a beret, it didn’t matter. Chapel veils (not mantillas) were generally considered an “emergency measure” and many women kept one in their purse “just in case.”

I recall that, in grade school, the nuns always had a supply of simple chapel veils at hand for the girls who didn’t have a hat for First Friday or other occasions. Those who could afford it would pay 25 cents. Those who could not got it free. The important thing was a head covering, not the money.

I’ve always liked the tradition of a head covering for women, and I still do (even though I do not voluntarily attend the OF). At the same, though, I don’t have a problem with women going bare-headed, even to the EF.

These days, there seems to be this mantilla-cult that has emerged, and I just don’t get it. If the women are of Spanish descent, it’s fine because they know how to wear it. OTOH, those who are not, do not: they generally wrap themselves up in the thing, just about like a burka. EF or OF, I do have a problem with that.

it’s just

Blessed confirmation (I may be misunderstanding and you may be already confirmed but helping with the class - in which case I thank and commend you)! I understand that you definitely may be in a situation where pants are more modest than most skirts, although there are some skirts - midi-length, jeans skirts that I, personally, prefer. I would just make sure that the pants are as modest (even from the rear view) as you can have them be.

Just my :twocents:

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