Chaperones lead Catholic schoolgirls out from "Nutcracker Suite" performance with same-sex roles, causing criticism, agreement

When students from a Catholic girls’ school went to see The Nutcracker as part of a class trip to Chicago last month, no one would have expected it to end in controversy.

But upon learning that Clara’s parents were to be portrayed as a same-sex “married” couple in a House Theatre of Chicago production… chaperones for the eighth-graders from Notre Dame Academy in Toledo, Ohio, decided to escort the girls from the performance before it began.


Good for the chaperones. Now fire the principal.


Well done for living the beliefs we practice.


I don’t understand why there is any backlash against the school or the students. No one should be forced to watch something they don’t want to, this is an example of false inclusion, which tries to force people to do certain things. I think the chaperones were right in their action.


I’m not Catholic and I support gay marriage, but I think the chaperones absolutely did the right thing.

What’s the point of chaperones if they don’t lead the youngsters in the teachings of the Church? I’ve voted with my feet before in performances that I found offensive or that made me uncomfortable.

They didn’t cause a disturbance or interrupt the performance. Seems like they behaved 100% appropriately.


Good to see these Christian schoolgirls having some standards.


Thank you.

It would have been one thing if they’d stood up and started protesting. But they didn’t, they left in an orderly and non disruptive manner.


There’s no evidence from the article that the schoolgirls themselves would have been opposed to watching this version of The Nutcracker, only that their chaperones were opposed to the schoolgirls seeing it.


There is also no evidence that the Catholic schoolgirls would have enjoyed that mockery of The Nutcracker. So your post is moot.


Not completely moot since we’ve established that we don’t know based on the article what any of the current schoolgirls thought of this situation.


Like calliope, I’m coming at this at a bit of an outsiders perspective. I can’t stand when existing art is altered for political purposes. If someone wants to push a message through art, make your own, original work that can be tailored around your preferred themes. Repurposing someone else’s creation is just lazy


I was going to say they should have researched the performance before bringing the girls to see it, because information about the cast had been published in advance. But on the other hand, you can’t blame them much because who would have thought they would need to vet a classic, historically family-friendly piece of art like The Nutcracker? Goes to show you can’t assume anymore.


Same sex marriages and unions are part of the new orthodoxy. Even passive opposition to this is perceived as a threat.


It is odd that a school would book a field trip and buy tickets without reading the information about the play.

Clearly stated:

"After the death of her older brother, her two fathers move towards the impending holiday with heavy hearts. "


The advertisements are also clear that this is a play based on the Nutcracker, and it is ballet free.

No one would have thought they were going to see a the traditional Holiday ballet.


Is it possible it was done on a whim while they were in the city?

Well it’s quite hard to say because the article isn’t specific enough.

It states

after the incident, Notre Dame students painted their “spirit rock” in rainbow colors and added the words, “God Loves U” and “Matthew 5:43-48,” which talks about loving one’s enemies.

It’s difficult to tell if this is referring to the school girls who were actually involved in the incident or other students. Either way, given the article also states that most of the parents were against the action of the chaperones, and that the few who posted in support of the chaperones, were attacked, one might believe that if the majority of the parents are against it, it would be highly likely that the majority of the girls, who have been raised by these parents, would feel the same. In this sense the thread title is a little misleading. I assumed it was the girls who themselves decided to get up and leave the performance, as a form of protest.

The reaction to this incident leads me to my other point.

What kind of president does this school have, who apologises for this and says it goes against the school’s ‘spirit of inclusion’ policy?

What kind of alumni has the school produced, who are saying they felt embarrassed by what happened?

And again, why are the majority of parent’s attacking this move? They either don’t understand their own faith, or aren’t really Catholics, or at least not practicing ones. If it’s the first, I suggest they start leaning. If it’s the second, I suggest they take their kids out of the school if they don’t agree with the Catholic teachings it follows, and send them elsewhere.


That is precisely what many parents have been doing, and why so many Catholic schools have shut down. It’s fun and easy to play armchair principal (or armchair pastor, or armchair bishop), as long as you don’t have to think of the bottom line.

But once you have the real responsibility of dealing with money and flesh-and-blood people in the real world, then it’s suddenly a whole different ball game.

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Then stop pretending to be a Catholic school.


Clearly some did.
The information you say is so apparent, is clearly not.

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