Chaplet for vocations?

does anyone know if one exist one of my priest friends asked about it on Facebook.

thanks if you know if any.

Hi, I see you are “here” having already posted the question I was going to ask…
(Looking for a Chaplet for Vocations for Fr. Brent) - will be waiting for the answer, too.
‎"Blessed be the Name of the LORD, now and forever!"

It’s funny how small the world is. I can’t believe how many of us know Fr Maher.

It would be great if someone knew of a chaplet for vocations.

God bless

Although, this is not a Chaplet here is a Rosary for Vocations:

What about Praying a Chaplet to the Infant Jesus of Prague or St. Alphonsus Maria de Liguori both are Patron Saints of Vocations

A Treasure of Chaplets


God bless,

What do you think?
IF appropriate for ideas
-conclusive to solve the problem (which perhaps is not defined);
Again the inquiry-a spiritual question: is there a vocational chaplet?
Here is one-following the life of Mary Madeline-
persuasive to those who contemplate-saint Mary Madeline is admired to desire the better part: so begins a scriptural rosary, first decade, meditation of the gospel when Mary magedeline breaks the perfume jar, washing the feet of Christ; this would be the problem solved of prayer and the answer, a prep for a vocation, as everyone has a vocation; the second decade, chosen as the crucifixion; Mary Madeline present; here is opportunity to do a type of Ignation contemplation, see the scene through the eyes of Mary Madeline; next, thirdly, the resurrection, note the imagery of the tomb, mary magdeline is running, a sheet is high lighted in the morning sun-jesus is gone; forth, mary magdeline meets Jesus in the garden; last, the upper room and the descent of the holy spirit; this potential vocation chaplet follows the story of mary magdeline; prayed as the usual rosary-a short meditation on a women dressed in the sun (from revelation) might be helpful to conclude. Thx patrick

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