Chaplet of the Divine Mercy


I love, love, love listening to the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy (especially the newer one). Is there a history to this devotion? I’m not a Catholic so I’m not sure what appropriate words to describe it.

Anyways, it’s very beautiful!



St. Faustina.

Jesus appeared to her and gave her the chaplet and the image of himself that you see.

(Thinking of naming my newest daughter Faustina.)

There are several websites that have the DMC and teach about Faustina. You should check them out!


Oh wow, my friend, you must read the Diary of St. Faustina,* Divine Mercy in My Soul*

It’s an amazing book, but it is not small. :slight_smile: You can get it on amazon and many other places.

Here is a link for further info:


Thank you! I will have to check it out. I’m kinda cognitively challenged but I still love to read. Just takes me twice as long or maybe even longer to get thru a book. I will be taking a look for the book, tho.



I can relate!! I have serious ADD, but I too like to read. This book is very much worth the time and effort invested!

God Bless.


Hi Everyone,

Here is another link regarding The Divine Mercy. The link is to The Marian’s website. They help to spread the message of Divine Mercy:

They have a great website. You can pray along with the chaplet of Divine Mercy. They also have other interactive things that you can do too, on their website.


I don’t know what version came first but the one I like is also on YouTube and I bring it up on there so I can watch/sing/worship on my TV.

Thanks for the link, too.


Hi Rita,

You’re welcome. I think that there must be several different versions out there. All good. :slight_smile:


I used to pray the Chaplet with my good friend at 3pm everyday during the workday. I was blessed to work out of the original Relevant Radio studios (wasn’t RR at the time), and they had the old chapel still in there, all blessed and set up. It was a wonderful half hour of meditation during the work day.


I believe it comes on EWTN (United States) at each afternoon. I saw the other version on the United kingdom channel or one i off the other channels.


Guess what was just on the Pacific Rim Stream in EWTN? A video about Sister Faustina. Pretty cool after this discussion thread!


awww…thanks for reminding me. I use to watch EWTN all the time. I need to get back to it again.

I love Saint Faustina. She’s one of my favorite saints.


I don’t have cable…I use a Roku for most if my viewing pleasure. EWTN has some fascinating programs. I think my favorite person is Father Mitch Pacwa. He’s someone I’d like to meet. He has done several debates with protestants that I caught on youtube. I use the Roku also to get some Calvary Chapel teaching as well. For a Lutheran I’m well-rounded in Biblical and Theological teachings. :wink:


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