Chaplet of the Five Wounds (Passionist version); Question

I purchased a chaplet of the 5 wounds of Christ in order to pray this chaplet (Passionist version), and no matter where I look, I get conflicting advice on how to pray it.

Almost every single website I’ve been to tells me some thing different.

As an example, the one on says, ‘for each bead pray a Glory be’, however further down it says, ‘On the small beads pray, My Jesus, pardon and mercy through the merits of Thy Sacred Wounds. Amen.’

So which one is it? A ‘Glory be’ or a ‘My Jesus’, or both? What about the 3 extra beads at the beginning, what am I meant to say on those?

If any kind soul is able to assist, I’d be very grateful.

Many thanks.

It is a Passionist chaplet, so follow the directions from the Passionists on how to say it.

It would appear that the Glory Be is the correct prayer.

Note, they also have an “alternate method” endorsed by their order (see second link).

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And if you don’t follow directions from the Passionists, but do it with all charity, be at peace…it is a private devotion not a Church Liturgical prayer.

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Perhaps this video will help.

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If you want to do a chaplet, pray it with whatever set of prayers you want to say. The important thing is the heart and the love and the intention you put into your prayer, rather than merely the formula.

In this case, you’re wanting to pray the Passionist version. So you ignore the other formats, and you pray the Passionist version the way the Passionists instruct.

So, for example, one of the prayers I pray in July is the Chaplet of the Precious Blood. There are various versions of that on various bead arrangements— but I stick with the one that I like, and ignore the others.

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Lily, the video you posted is about a chaplet from another order, not Passionist. Sr. Mary Martha Chambon was a Visitandine. (I think the Passionists complained about the Visitandine “Rosary of the Holy Wounds” in one of their archival writings and wanted to be clear they had nothing to do with it.)

However, it illustrates the problem the OP is having, namely that there have been a number of different “Chaplets of the Holy Wounds” promoted by different orders or different saints. St. Alphonsus Liguori had yet another one; he wasn’t a Passionist, but the founder of the Redemptorists.

Since the OP said he had a Passionist chaplet, I suggested he follow the Passionist guidelines for saying it. If he had a Visitandine chaplet, he’d follow theirs, etc.


Many thanks to all of you for your very prompt response and advice, it’s very much appreciated.

As suggested, I will go by what’s been laid down by the Passionists, as it’s their chaplet.

God Bless you all.



Thank you, Bear. I specified “Passionist version” in my search criteria. I wonder why that one came up?

The video owner probably used the word “Passionist” as a search keyword, in order to get more hits to their video, and may be totally ignorant of the difference between Passionists and Visitandines.

Ahhh… I never thought of that.

Thank you again.

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