Chaplets from Divine Revelation?

So some chaplets were given by Divine Revelation to special people.

Some examples:

Rosary - Given by the Virgin Mary to St Dominic. (*disputed by historians)
Divine Mercy Chaplet - Given by Jesus Christ to St-Faustina
Holy Face Chaplet - Given by Jesus Christ to Sister Marie de Saint-Pierre
Chaplet of Our Lady of Tears - Given by Jesus Christ to Sister Amalia of Jesus Flagellated
Chaplet of the Holy Wounds - Given by Jesus Christ to Venerable Marie Martha Chambon
Chaplet of Saint Michael - Given by the Archangel Michael to Sister Antónia d’Astónaco

There are plenty of other chaplets, but most of them were made by individuals or groups and did not claim a divine revelation for the origin of their chaplets.

Did I miss any? Are there other chaplets given by divine revelation?

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