I was wondering about the various chaplets. Is there such a thing as “Church approved” chaplets? I’m learning more about these recently, and finding many have different prayers depending on the source (website).

I pray the Divine Mercy regularly and have just learned the St. Philomena chaplet. Anyone else here pray chaplets on a regular basis?


Yes there are several, including the St. Michael the Archangel chaplet, St. Jude chaplet, and St. Patrick chaplet, etc. Here is a list of common chaplet devotions:

Also a chaplet can be dedicated for a specific Saint. For example, a regular chaplet could consist of a crucifix, then 9 or 10 beads, and a medal of a specific Saint. I have made many of the common Chaplets listed in the wikipedia link but I also make chaplets to my favorite Saints.

Here’s a long list of Chaplets to choose from. Generally they have specific colors of beads, but I suppose it’s only the prayers that matter.

Chaplets, like novenas, fall under “private devotion,” even if the prayers themselves are approved.

interesting. and thanks for the list, Clare, I didn’t see that one before but others like it.

I was mainly wondering about the variations, such as for St. Philomena, where it says on the link above for the first line:

Hail, O holy St. Philomena, whom I acknowledge, after Mary, as my advocate with the Divine Spouse, intercede for me now and at the hour of my death.

On the website of her shrine in Italy, it has:

*Hail, O holy Saint Philomena, my dear patroness.

As my advocate with thy Divine Spouse,

intercede for me now and at the hour of my death.*

I just figured I’d go with the one that is from her main shrine. This is an example of some of the variants of the chaplet prayers I’m finding.

I know it probably doesn’t matter all that much, as long as we pray, right? Was just wondering about chaplets as I’ve just “scratched the surface” learning about them.

thanks & blessings,

You have to keep in mind that these are all private devotions. And their composers have varying degrees of …how shall we say… flowery ways of expression. If one version seems odd to you ears, simply use another one. You are right…the prayer, asking the intercession on your behalf is the main thing. There is a book that you can buy of Chaplets and Litanies…but I can’t locate the link for some reason.
There is a very cool Chaplet that is popular at Mother Angelica’s Shrine Gift Shop in Hanceville…to the 9 Choirs of angels. Three bead sets all in different colors for the different choirs of angels.
Have fun!

The Chaplet of St. Michael was approved by Bl. Pope Pius IX. There are indulgences granted to it, which in my opinion makes it more then just a private devotion. I say it when I can, and always carry it with me.

thanks-yes there are tons, aren’t there? I saw that Chaplet of the Holy Angels too which is very cool indeed!

I also love the Chaplet of St. Michael but far from have it memorized and probably never will as it’s rather long (for me!). However, I have it on one of my Catholic apps on my phone as well as an audio recording of it which I listen to regularly.

I found that the Blessed Sacrament Chaplet was approved in 1911 by Pope Pius X. I like that b/c I love the Blessed Sacrament and it’s short enough to memorize, so am planning on memorizing that one next.


LOL. I never even considered memorizing chaplets…No shame in a booklet by the bedside…:wink:


that’s why I like mine short! I like to pray them on my walks.

peace & blessings,

Wow, I think I found the biggest list of chaplets yet here:

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