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Does anyone know why so many protestant preachers, when quoting the Bible, insert the word AND between the chapter and verse? For instance, they will say, “please turn to John chapter 3 and verse 4”, whereas a Catholic would say, “please turn to John chapter 3, verse 4”. The AND is unnatural there, and does not belong grammatically. Does anyone know why they do this?

I personally don’t think this is a ‘Protestants vs. Catholics’ issue. At least, I’ve heard non-Catholics who refer also to the passage as “chapter X, verse X.” Maybe this is just something local?

I know this is a small issue–the reason I asked here is I just cannot find the answer. It is true that not all Protestant preachers say “chapter 3 and verse 5” but it is most definitely not a local custom. Turn on any “Christian” radio and you will hear it. It is perhaps more common among speakers from the UK and related countries, but is very common in the US too. I am wondering if it goes back to some Puritan preacher, etc. Perhaps it is associated with the saying, “chapter and verse”–as in, “he can recite the Bible to you, chapter and verse.” I have never heard a Catholic speak in that manner. Hoping someone has insight into this.

Why do you need an answer? It makes no difference if you say chapter 3 and verse 5 or chapter 3, verse 5. Its simply a manner of speaking. Why would that bother you?

Could it possibly have come from the popular expression regarding those with knowledge of scripture: “X can quote you chapter and verse.”?

We all fall into patterns of speech, for better or for worse. How many prayers have we heard begun with “Lord, we just…”?

At a funeral not too long ago, I heard the (CoC) pastor use “Lord” 17 times in the opening prayer. My interest piqued, I heard it 19 times in the closing prayer.

Could it be a local thing?
I am protestant, but I say John 4, verse 3. I guess I say it this way, because that’s how everyone I know says it. I doubt there is a doctrinal reason behind it.

I think its just how people learned it and they copy.

Some say John 4, verse 3. Others John chapter 4, verse 3. Others 4th chapter of John, verse 3. Or John chapter 4 and verse 3.

Maybe a little quirky, but I don’t think there is anything more to it.

Johannes Caput 4 Versus 3

Yeah, I’m going to think of your post the next time I hear that at Church. It isn’t quite right.

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