Chaput to Catholics: Don't use Francis to 'further own agendas'

From the Philadelphia Inquirer:
Philadelphia Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, a leading conservative in the Roman Catholic hierarchy, defended himself Tuesday against perceptions that he is hostile to the more liberal inclusiveness of Pope Francis.

“I think the question is: Is there a discontinuity between the leadership of Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict, and the new kind of leadership of Francis? I think no,” he said in an interview.

“Francis keeps saying he is a son of the church, which means he’s not going to abandon the church’s teachings.”


But he cautioned against those who "want to use the pope to further their own agendas, and others [who] want to ignore the pope so they can promote their own agendas."

A very good point to remember. I hope people consider those words.

Well said by Archbishop Chaput.

Look at the Philadelphia enquirer’s lanuage in the article, a ‘leading conservative,’ ‘liberal inclusiveness.’ Why labels?

They apparently don’t see the tremendous irony in using divisive political labels to report on someone talking about not using the Pope to further agendas.


:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

Pray hard for the pope’s health, vigor and longevity. The longer he lives, the harder it will be for the spinmeisters to sustain the fictional “Spirit of Pope Francis” aura that they’ve created unrelated to the actual man. It’s the same strategy they used to great effect to undermine Vatican II, but unlike unread council documents, Francis speaks for himself and will eventually burst the bubble they try to contain him in.

The only way they could get away with such a sham is if he dies young in office. Guard well you Swiss Guard. Pray hard, fellows catholics. Time is on the side of truth.

The media insists on making the Church a political entity by describing conservative/liberal labels.The Church is neither of these.

Amen. On BOTH sides of this.

In typical no-nonsense fashion, one of my favs, AB Chaput, speaks words of wisdom in that “we should look at him (the pope) after a year, rather than trying to size him up at each speech.” (I will try…I will try…and you alone Lord, know my heartfelt prayers for him.)

Of course, everyone hangs on the words of the pope, extracting, editing and morphing the meaning into what they hope he is saying. Or not saying, which produces fear and confusion that can be spread by the weak of heart and the uncatechized.

Amen! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Indeed. But the spirit of the 60’s still seems to be with us.

I had the exact same thought when I read it - about the labels. I’m tired of them.

It is, and the same thing is being done to Francis as was done to the Second Vatican Council - both were and are being created in the image and likeness of the media.

Is it not true, then, that Catholics should likewise not use Archbishop Chaput to further their own agendas?

Or how about using local bishops to further agendas during an election? This is only an issue when liberal leaning folks see something they like about the Church.


Nobody should “use” any bishop or priest to further their own agenda. Rather, we should seek to comprehend their actual message and learn from them. If the bishops are unified around the moral status of abortion, the meaning of marriage and the need for just immigration policies, then it is not “using” them to choose political candidates that have upright values and priorities. Where it becomes “using” is when pols take quotes out of context or twist the clear teaching of the church to try to falsely appropriate a mantle of moral respectability for their own platform. Surely you can see the difference?



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