Charism of healing

How would one know if they have the gift of healing? is it possible in these days and times? Is it something that we all have? or is it a very special gift given by the Holy Ghost? what is the deal on this? Has anyone here have had healing done on them? Thanks Mike,

Yes the gift of healing is real. Im not talking about Benny Hinn theatrical stuff, but there are those who God does work through as Healers. It does exist today. Miracles still happen. It is important to remember a person is only a vessel for the Holy Spirit to work through. The individual does not possess this ability themselves.

How would you know if you have the gift? I would say if you routinely pray for others and they improve or recover more than what would be considered a normal response and you have an inner knowing from God might be a reason to consider you may have a gift.

Yes, some people are used by the Holy Spirit in a special way in the gift of healing. Here is a website of a priest who has been in the healing ministry for quite some time:

I have not seen him in person but have had friends who experienced physical healings through Father Ralph D’Orio

Right I know that it dosn’t come from yourself but from the Holy Ghost. It is all God and not thyself. It’s almost like a priest that has the ability to confect the Eucharist it is God not him. Right?

Yes, it still happens. My priest, father Johannes does healing mass and many people are healed by his healing prayer, and cured from many sickness and infirmities.

Here’s him

But in Indonesian language

The way to get the charism is by prayer, asking God the charism. But this is usually done by a community prayer, led by a priest and prayed by religious sisters.

That’s what they do in here. We ask for the gift of healing. The gift of the holy spirit.

But of course we can ask personally to God for the gift of healing, as in my case I have done so.

Yes, it is the power of God working through the priest who is in the place of Christ. (In Persona Christi.)

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