Charismatic Catholics, What is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit?

Hello, I am wondering what is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit by charismatic definition? Thamks, Tim


The baptism of the Holy Spirit is a release of the Holy Spirit that we have received in baptism to make us come alive in Christ. An example of this might be a person who was both baptized and confirmed (think of some of our confirmation students who do not attend church or pray after they receive their confirmations) who at some point expereinces God so strongly that they are converted and become vibrant and begin to seek the Lord. The openess of the Holy Spirit, who guides us to Jesus, causes the person to “come alive in Christ.” Or let’s say “begin really living in Christ.”

This explanation might be poor as I am not a theologian, so let me give you a link that I think will help you much more:

This is from the papal preacher Fr. Cantalamessa (He is a charismatic):

Jesus loves you brother!

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