Charismatic Catholics

You people should have to put a disclaimer on your posts.

Warning: I am a charismatic. Whether you agree or disagree with me, please understand that my practices represent an extreme minority within the Church and in so doing, do not allow your perception of me to color your perception of normal Catholics.

You people should have to put a disclaimer on your posts.

Warning: I am a charismatic. Whether you agree or disagree with me, please understand that my practices represent an extreme minority within the Church and in so doing, do not allow your perception of me to color your perception of normal Catholics.

i never knew that there was controversy with all this stuff up until today many of the youth retreats I go to mainly Stuebenville people receive the gifts maybe the retreats are charismatic but idk

I just don’t know why there is so much controversy doesn’t the bible mention the gifts

is receiving the gifts frowned upon by people or something, why do you want me to warn people that im so called charismatic.

I don’t look to always get gifts when i go to adoration i just remain open to the spirit and that is what happens, i have never heard anyone treat them like this before

please explain to me why you don’t look upon this as something good and no “normal” catholic would do this.

Those retreats are part of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal… and do not represent the traditional Catholic Church any more than the Knights of Columbus or the Confraternity of Christian Mothers do.

With regard to the validity of “tongues” or any of these other “gifts”… this has been well covered in other threads. I did not mean to derail this thread - I only wished to clarify that Charismatic practices during Adoration are no more the norm than Clown Masses.

i can see what your getting but why would you tie this stuff with “clown masses” maybe im wrong and your right.

I don’t approve of the music they play during it but its not that bad.

but they do adoration and benediction just like you would do any other adoration and benediction there is no liturgical abuses that i could see. It may not be the most traditional way to do things and I wish they would be aittle more traditional at these things but it is far from being what you would call the adoration version of the clown mass.

plus why are you making these judgments about these retreats when you have no idea what retreat im talking about all you know is that people receive the gifts of the spirit at these things.

i thought i go ahead and move this over to a new thread but I was discussing this on the Eucharistic adoration thread

I was wondering what is so wrong with this so called charismatic renewal

ill say this now just to put it out in the thread i have had experiences where i have received gifts of the spirit during adoration so apparently I’m a charismatic catholic becuase i received the gifts.

what is so wrong with this if anything at all.

Im not trying to bash any one’s views in this thread im just trying to understand the disapproval of these things.

I may try and defend this so called charismatic just becuase of my experiences with the gifts of the spirit so we may do alittle arguing in this thread hopefully it won’t get to heated.

I really want to understand this stuff.

thanks :slight_smile:

also St. Thomas Aquinas pray for all the people who will be discussing on this thread

The gifts of the Holy Spirit as taught by St. Paul are given to those in a community to meet the needs of the communty. That is the charism that you have recieved. Use the gifts as He is calling you to do so. It will enrich your life and bring you closer to the Lord as well as those to whom you share the gifts.


This seems rather hash, considering the same could be said for other views on this site.

the Chrismatic movement has been around now for decades as you know and have been recongnized by the Vatican, so it is a lagitament movement. Admittally it’s not for everyone,and it is not traditional as often expressed once again on this site, but there is truely the Holy Spirit working within the movements and bringing many souls to the Lord and well as renewing many others.

As far a “clown mass” exposition and benidiction is performed according the the rite. The Holy Spirit is certainly present and moves those present. Who are we to judge how that happens.


thanks for the response i don’t doubt what i received was from the holy spirit and was the will of god i just know there are some people on here who have criticism of charismatic type retreats i just wanted to see what people had to say about it.

Keep your eyes focus on the Lord, don’t let the opnions of others cause you to doubt. The Spirit renews us to do the Lord’s work and to bring to Kingdom of God here and now, Amen, allelulia.

Peace, FAB

The Charismatic movement is not for me but one of the gifts of Catholicism is that it is a very big tent that allows for many different spiritual approaches from contemplation (my “schtick”), to teaching, preaching, charity and charismatic spirituality, and I am missing some. All while remaining true to the One True Church.

Compare that to Protestantism where each charism necessarily ends up in the foundation of a new “church”.

So rather than denigrating the experiences of Charismatic Catholics, we should be grateful that they find the means of expression for their spirituality within the Church rather than turning into schismatics.

Oh good, the Church Police are here. We have the right to remain silent and listen to organ music.:smiley:

Come on Joe, there is room for others in our Church that do not share your beliefs.

thanks to everyone that posted really cleared things up for me. :extrahappy::tiphat:

A couple of points:

  1. Thank you to whoever split this thread.

  2. It isn’t a matter of belief. The word is “practice” - and you guys SHOULD clearly identify yourselves, lest people confuse you with actual Roman Catholics. I’m not saying you’re a “bad Catholic” or anything of the sort - I just mean that we have so many rites which identify themselves accordingly - Maronite, Byzantine, etc… You’re different enough that you SHOULD identify as Charismatic Catholics. That’s all. I’m actually with OraLabora - I’m glad you haven’t left and become Pentecostals, or Charismatic Baptists, or Charismatic Episcopal, or … whatever.

Now THIS is a great post.

Our friend described the following “gifts of the spirit” received while at Adoration:
*]babbling like a pagan

How would you say that these things meet the needs of the community… specifically?

I’m Charismatic. But in the over 15 years I have been one and have participated in retreats, prayer groups and healing masses, I have NEVER seen any of the gifts at adoration. That sounds very suspicious to me. I think the Holy Spirit has better manners than that. There is a time for praise and worship, and then there is time for quiet time with Our Lord.

I certainly don’t think I need to label myself either. If anyone that is Charismatic feels they have to shout from the rooftops or announce it or something, I would truly wonder if they actually were Charismatic and not just trying to show off.

There should be though mutual respect for Catholics that do pariticipate in the Charismatic movement. One shouldn’t paint every retreat or mass that contains abuses and illicit activities as all Charismatic events being that way, they’re not. There are certainly groups within the movement that I would never attend any of their events. But the ones I do attend have been approved by my Bishop.

idk if it does or not but my slain in the spirit expeince has ahd visions involved with it. I told of it I don’t know if people where changed by it, or if the ways it changed me helped others change.

But these visions do come back to me at times in my prayer, and have made strange connections to my life.

many people in the group i was with recieved the gift and i don’t if this help the community

same thigns with tounges i don’t know how they effected the community but i think it could have epically cause in one experince someone was able ot interperate the tounges and his life could have been changed, became more devot in his faith or something

Maybe some where faked not with me but the people around.

it can be hard for us mortals to see the spirit working in our community but i think somehow all my experiences benefited the community in some way.

or as the scripture says it meet the needs of the community.

We’re going to ignore the “tongues” thing for right now.

How do sleeping in church, or laughing like a fool serve the needs of the community?

God could use visions that you would receive during slain in the spirit to teach the community give them new ways to pray. Or he could use that to give this person a sign of their call which if it pans out could easily fit needs of a society.

lets see laughing someone may need some type of healing in adoration and sometimes when people are healed they have so much joy, this could cause someone else ot release that or could get someone to be more willing to open their selves up.

or to gifts that can be heard or seen around them they could be amazned how the spirit works and how it moves in people they come back to the faith, then later in life fell a call to priesthood later in life become ordained and maybe even be a large voice for the church and for the truth.

i don’t know exactly how god will use these but im sure he will use them somehow.

How can you say that 120 000 000 people is an extreme minority?

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