Charismatic Gestures in Church

At the church which I presently attend many members of the congregation raise their hands in charismatic fashion at frequent part of the mass: during the Gospel readings, during some prayers and some just spontaneously. My question is: Is this liturgically correct? Personally, I am uncomfortable with it and believe it introduces devotional practices which don’t belong to the liturgy of the Mass. But, as my wife will attest, I am frequently wrong, and perhaps it extends to this as well. You insights would be appreciated.


My understanding is that the GIRM doesn’t regulate everything we do with our bodies. It doesn’t say that we should fold our hands, put them in our pockets, or anything else. If they choose to raise their hands there is nothing wrong with it. I don’t like it either but it isn’t an important issue. I just don’t look and try to commit myself to the worship in Mass. If they worship better that way, more power to them. I just hope they offer a prayer for me.

It is my understanding that this is improper conduct, but I can’t seem to dig up the source where I read that.

When the Holy Spirit moves the soul the body responds.

It depends on the parish if the parish has a charismatic side to it, then it is permissible. You really need to go with the flow because the charismatic spirituality is very present inside all Christian churches including the Catholic Church.

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