Charismatic gifts



This question is not to debate on whether the gifts are true gifts or not. :slight_smile:

The problem is not at my parish, but at one parish where I used to attend for several months. Some people considering themselves having the gifts which I have no problem with, but some of them uses their gifts judge others unintentionally- thinking others are antiChrist. I asked them how they knew if others were antiChrist…or did they say anything that was so antiChrist. They said the Holy Spirit let them know but they didn’t know much about what those people did to be considered as antiChrist.

I found the above matter is a huge problem.

Another problem - if you don’t have the gifts, some might think something is wrong with you.

I have been judged for in a similar manner but I keep myself calm and will help them understand that their judging is wrong.

Before coming to explain to them about my own problem and to help them understand better, I was wondering if any of you has ever had this kind of experience.

Note: I have no problem toward the Charismatic movement, but I am worried about some of those who might use the gifts in the wrong way.

How do you deal with situation above.

Thanks and please keep the conversation as friendly as possible. :slight_smile:


in the tradition I was brought up in, I saw many times that things were done and said supposedly of God which didn’t seem to be at all
this should be dealt with by the leadership - everyone in a congregation (be it Pentecostal or charismatic Catholic etc) should be under authority not just deciding what is from the Holy Spirit or not for themselves
some of the abuses of charismatic ministries led me to fall away from Christianity altogether for a while
certainly in some instances you should draw attention to the scriptures
as the Bible suggests try and resolve this with the person possibly with the minister of the parish
labelling people anti-Christ smacks of the devil to be honest trying to produce divisions


Thanks Jack. I totally agree with you.
I’ve been with my current parish, and the leadership is great. We do things and make sure it is according to the Bible and we follow under authority.

I am glad that you are back to Christianity faith. :slight_smile:
God bless.


I reject the Charasmatic movement. Its not for me. Your post is one of too many for me to find cause to distance myself from it.

That being said, I must obey the Church and its acceptance of this movement. So I do.

But I will leave the very moment I am forced to participate in it. I can not.


It is not for me either, but I have no problem people believing it. I’ve seen more people become closer to God than further away from God. That’s why I said there were a few having some sort of problems.

I don’t think the Church will force you on this. :slight_smile: If it ever happens, there must be something so clear that the Church sees.

As I mentioned above that it wasn’t for me, but how glad I am that it happened to me. It has completely changed my life around.



I have read your posts here, and believe me- I truly think you are filled with some very special gift just reading your words.

Thank you for that.

And the reassurance I will not be damned for distancing myself.



We should never reject the charismatic ministries, as we only have to look at Acts! (Hellisreal)
Caution is required tho. The problem is when ministries aren’t examined properly. I have heard people utter prophecies which proved to be false. In that case this should be tackled.
One also hears of miraculous healings which turn out to be nothing of the sort.
For my part, I find it difficult relating to some of the Marian apparitions and miracles for the same reasons - it is a very similar phenomenon.


Dear Jack,

I do not accept any Marian apparitions.:wink:


Thanks. I believe each one of us has different gift - that makes us become a family helping each other out. If each one has all the same gift, how do we support each other because one might say “I don’t need you. You are just like me.” :slight_smile:


Agreed with you, Jack.


yes, and the gift of charity far outweighs any charismatic gift:)
charismatic gifts can be used in a very self-centred way
the real judgment is what is being done with the gifts
is the body being built up or not?
the devil is so good at manipulating people into thinking they are using their gift for the Lord, when he is tricking them into pride or presumption


Interesting point. I find it a good one to pray and consider.



is that for the same reason you are wary of the charismata?
(hope I’m not derailing things here)


talking about pride - it is the hardest thing to get rid of.
Father Larry on relevantradio asked the listeners “Can one see all others as their superior?”.


I will PM you so as not to derail the thread. Give me some time as I am making dinner and following several threads now.:wink:


I can relate to that
I was full of worldly pride in my status and achievements, and the Lord had to humble me before I came back to Christianity
I found myself thinking the other day about the people doing the readings one Sunday recently “I could do that better” and I had to reproach myself


Thanks for sharing this, Jack. You are His witness. :slight_smile:


I am not aware of any of the charismatic gifts that would authorize any lay person to make such a claim about another person. These gifts are to be exercised only to build up the Church, only with discernment of the whole community and its pastoral leaders, and not by loose cannons on deck. Sounds like this group needs to go back to Charismatic Renewal 101 for a refresher course on the gifts and who may use them, when, how and where.


I hung around my friends charasmatic church and for a bunch that wants to distance themselves from “catholic” things like rules they have quite a few of them.

I wonder if identifying spiritual gifts can be sorta a collection of boyscout badges thing. Where like you said pride can worm in. Ive watched Charles Stanley in a series on how to determine your gifts and everytime I just get confused, so Ive decided to quit trying. Im starting to wonder if we arent supposed to figure it out but we should figure out each others? Then we wont be in the position to “pick” what we want. Actually that friend told me about one she figured I had, I wouldnt have picked. thinking about it right now.

But honestly people can complain about anything and we can truly live up to being Gods children sometimes, it can happen with any church.

I know that being called antichrist is about the lowest hurtful thing you can call someone. My hubby when a teenager was avoiding church because one of the boys was picking fights in the parking lot after. A rumour started that he was in the clutches of satan. So when several of my hubbys friends started not hanging around to support him. A rumor started that now he was not in the clutches but growing his own horns because he was dragging other kids away.

Its awful, really. We have no idea what we do to each other.


This post reminds me so much of my Dad. I grew up in a house with a very Charismatic mother and a staunchly non-Charismatic father. This fact never caused any tension between them and their spirituality as individuals has always been quite complimentary.

When my sisters and I got older we started going to prayer meetings with our Mom. We would always pester our Dad to come until one day a friend said to me, “Your father is one of the holiest people I know, why don’t you stop bugging him to go to prayer meetings.”. We took this advice.

I sympathize with the OP as I have seen Charismatic “gift” abuse. It’s sad and frustrating. I also believe the devil wants to thwart the renewal’s primary purpose which is conversion.

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