charismatic mass?

Ive been looking at some things about charismatic movement within the church. Ive been watching some mass videos online but cant find any that show how the charismatic worship ties into the actual mass.

Anyoen have a link?

It doesn’t have to.

If there was anything, it would usually mean that the hymns may take on a more charismatic tone (more praise and worship types).

Charismatic worship outside of Mass I would say is more common. Charismatic prayers (such as praise and worship music) can be done outside of Mass, say with Adoration (I’ve done that before).

Worship doesn’t have to stop when Mass stops. I’m sorry to say so, but Catholics have done a terrible job at that. It seems we’d rather complain about the 1 hour we have to go to Mass on Sunday rather then talk about what we can do outside of Mass. Young people actually seem much more interested.

There is currently a moratorium on discussions about the Charismatic movement. I would guess that would include talking about a Charismatic Mass.

D’oh, right. facepalm

I was not aware of that. Why? I’m not trying tostart a debate about it. Can you point to where that was posted or if there’s a sticky for stuff like this?

The Sticky is under “Liturgy and Sacraments”.


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