Charismatic Mass

I’ve always heard this term. Is there such a thing. If I go to a Catholic Mass at a Catholic Church that has a large charismatic movement at that parish, shouldn’t it look and feel like any other Mass and all that speaking in tongues come at another type of gathering.

There is a moratorium on discussing the charismatic movement right now because the threads always end up in fighting. However, if you do a search, you will find lots of threads on the charismatic movement.

Every Mass is of its nature charismatic .

Then there are those Masses which are celebrated by those who are members of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal , and one should expect the charisms associated with the renewal to be used .

When Pope John Paul II was alive he would at times invite the members of ICCRS ( International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services ) who have their office in Rome to the Mass he celebrated in his private chapel . Word was passed to them that since they were “charismatic” they ought to be “charismatic” during the Mass . As they prayed in tongues Pope John Paul II had a beaming smile on his face . He had no problems with praying in tongues during Mass .

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