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Does anyone have a suggestion for reading about the Charismatic Mass and the Charismatic Renewal? I am not familiar with either of them. However, a freind has been asking about them and I feel rather uneducated. I am not looking for “propaganda” from pro or con, but rather an unbiased examination in light of the Magisteriam’s teaching.


BTW - this is my first post here, so I hope I did it correctly! I am not much of a computer person.


Hi Ralph, I don’t have any familiarity with the Charismatic Renewal, but I wanted to welcome you to CAF. :slight_smile:


search on the spirituality forum under charistmatic, charistmatic renewal, tongues and similar keywords. This topic has been discussed, often, and recently.


Thanks for the welcome Dale and the help puzzleannie. I will try the suggestion.


I have some issues with this type of thing.

The Mass is the Mass. Yes I know a Charismatic Mass is a Mass that is held primarily for a Charismatic prayer group but the Mass should not be any different from any other Mass.


The Mass is the Mass–and it has a specific purpose. Charismatic Masses detract from that purpose. Charismatic prayer meetings should be separate from Mass, like they are in Holy Scripture.


there is no such thing as a charismatic Mass, you might want to review previous discussions on the topic, as suggested, for more accurate information on what the Catholic Charismatic renewal, an spirituality movement operating with full approval of the Vatican, actually is. There are Masses celebrated according to the rubrics in parishes that encourage this spirituality, in which some persons may or may not pray in tongues, but there is not a “charismatic Mass” different from prescribed Mass.


This is what I thought too but…

I contacted a parish that lists one of their Masses as a “Charismatic Mass” and here is the response I got.

It differs in song, music being an important part of the celebration particular before Mass, to prepare people for the celebration.

Homily is Spirit-led to speak personally to the people.

At the Penitential Rite, and Prayers of the Faithful, individual people come forward for prayers (they usually stay in their pew at our parish).

At Communion time is allowed for individual words of prophecy to be spoken out.


But they are, and are very different indeed/


Thanks to everyone who posted comments and suggestions. I read some of the old posts from the spirituality section. I have to tell you that at this point I am pretty confused. From what I can tell, I am not sure that there is a concrete definition of Charismatic Renewal or Charismatic Mass, even to those who reguarly participate in Charismatic activities.

I am afraid, to be honest, that a great deal of liturgical abuse may be taking place in the name of Charismatic Renewal. However, I am trying to keep an open mind and remember that not all that is done “in the name” of something actually has any link to it at all. I am going to keep looking for a book or other publication that can help answer some of my questions.


Look for material about Life in the Spirit. If necessary, contact your diocese headquarters; they should be able to put you in touch with an active Charismatic group within the diocese, and they should have material availabel for you.


there can be liturgical abuses in parishes that celebrate Mass with the charistmatic flavor just as there can be in any parish. they are not inherent in the charismatic renewal, they are inherent in a pastor and parish that flout the rules. If you sincerely want to understand the charismatic spirituality attend a Life in the Spirit Seminar, continue in your prayer group and worship with those you meet there.


I was recently to a “Charismatic Mass” and our Bishop was the celebrant. During the Mass, people were speaking in tongues, and people even came up to speak prophetic words. Although people seemed more free to “move” in the Holy Spirit, there was a good deal of structure.

Our Bishop is very Orthodox, but open to various spiritualites within the Catholic Church. We even have a sanctioned Tridentine (Latin) Mass and parish community for those who are drawn to more Traditional Catholicism.

In my opinion, this diversity only enhances the local Church, as well as draws newcomers. The Church should be open to these expressions assuming they are in line with proper teaching. JPII was definitely a big fan of the renewal.

I’m not sure all dioceses are equipped to do this, but the Harrisburg diocese has been very blessed. (Especially in the surrounding suburbs.) Vocations are definitely on the rise here, and we have an active lay community.

I appreciate some of the concerns regarding the Charismatic movement, but I believe this could be essential to the vitality of the Church in these time. In many areas of the world (especially Africa) they have incorporated this spirituality in greater measure.

For more information…


When was speaking in tongues or allowing people freedom to “move in the spirit” added to the liturgical norms.

114.] “At Sunday Masses in parishes, insofar as parishes are ‘Eucharistic communities’, it is customary to find different groups, movements, associations, and even the smaller religious communities present in the parish.”[202] While it is permissible that Mass should be celebrated for particular groups according to the norm of law,[203] these groups are nevertheless not exempt from the faithful observance of the liturgical norms.


When i went to my first Charismatic Mass, i thought OMG what has happened to my Church? After talking to my mother who had begun going to the 7pm CM at our Cathedral, i then had the desire to find out a bit more. When you first hear people talking in tongues it blows you away (it did me anyway.) I sort of felt at first that this wasn’t ‘normal’ but gave them the benefit of doubt. In the last 10 years i have grown to love the CM, it has brought me closer to God and brought me back into my Catholic Faith wholly. It was the love and compassion of the people who attended these Masses which blew me away. I had NEVER felt such LOVE in any Church ever before as i did there. I felt GOD there and he was so very pleased with his praising children. They worship differently i have found. Not saying anything about my local parish who love Jesus just as much, but the Charismatics ‘show’ it to Jesus. That is where we have Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and it is the Eucharistic Centre for Catholics in the Capital of Australia where i live. The Charismatics have opened up my eyes, ears, mind, soul and heart to Jesus. I have them to thank for finding God again and my Church which i so dearly loved as a child but wandered away from for many years. I have heard many a Catholic say that they the Charismatics are weird and a bit like a cult, but even our late Pope John Paul II spoke in tongues and loved the CM and that is good enough for me! Thank you - I don’t go as much as i used to as my mum has been sick and we used to go together, but am planning it again as after this post, my heart is yearning for it. It is not for everyone, but worked wonders in me.


Here’s an article you may want to read to familiarize yourself with the Charismatic movement.


Let me heal ya, brother.


**Who here thinks the Catholic Charismatic Renewal is a genuine movement of God, and should be embraced when properly understood and applied?

Who here thinks the Catholic Charismatic Renewal is either demonic, a hoax, or some sort of delusion?

What are your reasons?**


My. It would certainly be interesting to read what this individual has to say about John Paul 2.



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